Nov 22, 2015

Blithe Photo Scavenger Hunt Winners!

ScavengerHuntWinnersFirst, and foremost I have to say how thrilled I am that we had so many people who completed the scavenger hunt! It was so much fun having everyone participate!  Above was the randomizer results for all 21 of you who completed the hunt and posted your photos properly in the Blithe Flickr Group.  There were a few people who posted multiple collages from the hunt. I only included your name once in the randomizer to be fair to everyone. Prize money will be passed out today! Congratulations!!

Thanks again for your love and support towards Blithe!



Nov 17, 2015

In Need of a Little Company


So there are a few fashion items this week that I’m really digging.  The first being this gorgeous tunic from Zaara.  The Kavita Tunic comes in a sheer and opaque version and a handful of beautiful colors & can be found at Collabor88 through the month of November.


Second, I am so excited about this skirt from Blueberry.  It’s even called the Harlow skirt which made me immensely giddy.  It comes with a belted and non belted option, and has the sexiest slit ever up the front.  I paired it with the ISON sweater at Collabor88 this month.  I’m wearing the sweater without the bottom shirt layer so that you can see the Blueberry skirt well.  The shirt layer option that comes with the sweater had a HUD that allows you to change textures. So fun!

Credits (top pic)

Head: Catwa | Catwa Clip

Skin: Pink Fuel | Mochi Millena

Hair: Lelutka | Thora Charron

Tunic: Zaara | Zaara Kohime (available at this month’s Collabor88

Chair: Apple Fall | Warehousefifteendesigns

Painting: Apple Fall | Warehousefifteendesigns

Credits (bottom pic)

Head: Catwa | Catwa Clip

Skin: Pink Fuel | Mochi Millena

Hair: Truth | Truth Hawks

Sweater: ISON | Harry Hyx  (available at this month’s Collabor88

Skirt: Blueberry | Blueberryxx


Nov 17, 2015




Table: Floorplan | Tegan Serin 

Baskets: 7 Emporium | Agustkov

Books: What Next | Winter Thorn

Table Decor: Pixel Mode | Tya Fallingbridge (featured at this month’s FaMESHed)

Lantern: Revival | Momentous (featured at this month’s FaMESHed)

Rug: Bazar | Ria Bazar

Floor lamp: The Loft & Aria | Colleen Desmoulins & Yelo Uriza (available at this round of Collabor88)

Mirrors: The Loft & Aria | Colleen Desmoulins & Yelo Uriza (available at this round of Collabor88)

Chair: Kalopsia | Isabeau Baragula 

Pillows: The Loft & Aria | Colleen Desmoulins & Yelo Uriza (available at this round of Collabor88)

Corn Husk Wreath: Mudhoney | Rayvn Hynes (available at this month’s TLC)

Nov 17, 2015

Break the Silence.


I had a really lengthy post prepared to go along with this image today.  I had wanted to share a story about a friend of mine who recently was the victim of unprovoked bullying.  I wanted to tell you all about how I didn’t take a strong enough stand at first.  I brushed off the incident, and continued to allow a bully to be a part of my life.  I allowed a valued friend to be hurt by someone’s words & actions.  It took a second incident by the same person for me to realize that, what they were doing was not okay.  It took countless others coming forward and saying “Oh they did this to other people too.” for me to finally remove the person from my life.  How I reacted was not okay.  We cannot remain silent.  We must take a stand against bullying, and ensure that people realize that their words can be the most lethal of weapons.  We cannot be afraid.  I was afraid, and now I’m ashamed.  I let my friend down, and anyone else who has been bullied, because I continued to remain silent.

If we continue to be afraid to stand up against bullying, then we will continue to watch thousands of students each and every year miss out on a valued education because they skip school to avoid bullies.  We will continue to watch many of our youth (and adults too) commit suicide because of bullying.  We will continue to watch cyber bullying incidents rise at dramatic rates each and every year.  These are only a few facts out of hundreds.  The vicious cycle will go on…and on…and on.

It’s National Anti Bullying Week. (the 16th through the 20th).  My dear friend Cate Footman is encouraging Second Lifers to take a stand against bullying and “Break the Silence”.  Share an anti-bullying inspired image, to encourage others to be aware of bullying not only in our real lives but also in our second lives too.



Nov 12, 2015



As usual Lelutka is ahead of everyone with their new releases and innovative features in Second Life. Their newest release is called “Swish” and it’s hair with realistic movement attached to it. The hair moves in a beautifully natural way, but if you love the hairstyles but don’t want the movement attached, there is a “non swish” version as well!

Lelutka has made six styles so far with the swish feature.  You can also learn more on Lelutka’s website.

Strawberry Singh featured a blog and video on the new hair, which inspired me to make a video as well. It’s been AGES since I’ve done a video on my blog, so I apologize if it’s truly horrible. I feature all six styles in the video briefly below.

Everything else I’m wearing in this post was featured in my previous post here.

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