About Harlow

Hi I’m Harlow! I’m just another resident redhead in the Second Life Community. (Don’t know what Second Life is? I encourage you to check it out, and if you have any questions as a new resident, don’t hesitate to contact me!) I’ve been a resident since January 2008, and have a passion for the community & everything it has to offer.  I don’t consider myself very fashionable, and I don’t consider myself an exceptional writer. I use my blog as an opportunity to work on my photography & art skills, and if I happen to show you something you like in the meantime then I’ve succeeded!

Other than running my blog, I also own a cafe in Second Life called The Pixel Bean Coffeehouse, run a residential community called The Grounds, and have a two sim region for exploring & enjoying called Blithe. I have a passion for creating high quality places in Second Life for people to enjoy and spend time at. Thank you so much for the love, kindness, donations, and support you have shown my various projects through the years. It means SO much to me!

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my blog & other projects! I hope you find Second Life to be just as fulfilling & wonderful as I have!




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