May 14, 2012

The Pay It Forward Project

I was inspired and encouraged to start up a new little project.  I really encourage you all to get involved!  You can find all the info below!

Lately it feels as if Second Life has been filled with a lot of drama, negativity, and all around…BLAH! I know I for certain have contributed and adopted this new negative attitude, and I want to erase it not only myself, but anyone else who feels they are in need of a little positive uplifting as well. So here’s the scoop….

Each week I will pick one person in the Second Life community that I feel has displayed a positive attitude and an overall kind nature that week. I will then offer to do a free portrait for them! I will post my photos to my flickr under the title “Pay It Forward Project” with a little excerpt about how they caught my eye. I will then encourage that person to “Pay it forward”, this can be by giving a simple gift, a kind word, a photo, etc… It can be anything as long as it’s positive and encouraging. Then…the person you paid it forward to, should be encouraged to pay it forward as well, and so on…and on…and on…

I really encourage you to join up with The Pay It Forward project! Whether you are a designer, a photographer, a blogger, or just someone who is capable of giving a kind word to someone, join up!

Feel free to spread the word, copy this image, and this information!

I know drama, negativity, and overall blah-ness are just a part of life, and also a part of any community… but I also know that a little bit of encouragement and a little positive reinforcement can go a really long way.

Start up your own weekly pay it forward chain! I look forward to seeing who you find! <3

My first weekly pick for The Pay It Forward Project is someone I did not know until yesterday.  Her name is Veruca Monday, and she was someone who took the time, effort, and energy to reach out to someone she did not even know.  What Veruca does not realize is that her words and actions went farther than she realized, as she was the person who inspired my entire community project.  Thank you so much Miss Monday for not only being incredibly kind, but an encouragement in the community.

I am going to make it a goal each week to pick someone at random in the community who I feel is showing encouragement, and positive reinforcement in the Second Life Community.  I encourage you to start it up as well.  Whether you are a designer, blogger, photographer, or just someone who enjoys what the Second Life Community as to offer…GET INVOLVED! Pick someone weekly… show them how you appreciate them…whether it be a small gift, a photo, or a kind word, it does not matter.  Then… as you have done, encourage them to pay it forward to someone else!

A thank you ahead of time to all of you who participate.  I would LOVE if you commented on my post and showed me what you’ve done to pay it forward.



  • what an AWESOME initiative! I’m going to think of what i can do for it! <3

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  • Harlow thank you so much. The photo is beautiful <3 This whole thing was so unexpected. I feel very honored, and proud too, to be a part of this great idea you have. I hope it catches on! Everyone should Pay It Forward. It feels so good :-)

  • Veruca is indeed one of the most wonderful people I have met in world. So pleased to see her highlighted this way! She is the embodiment of kindness. ~Hugs~

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  • What a great idea. Veruca is so supportive and sweet! I ran a little weekly fashion event for a while in world and she came almost every week. It was so much fun to get to know her and she supported me and made what I was doing rewarding. Through that I count her a friend. Thanks for being one, Veruca! How cool to see you highlighted in this way. I definitely understand why! =)

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  • Lovely project and I am happy to join!

  • I did something similar with my kindergarten class. It was a huge hit. The children really loved getting the presents and it really made controlling them easier.

    The best thing about it was the attention that it brought to me with the parents. When you give a little public praise you get it back over and over again. It made “me” love “me” more. And that’s really all that matters.

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  • Found your blog via the image: hope you don’t mind me sharing it on my blog! :)

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