Jan 15, 2013

The Barn

I’ve been pretty amazed at how many “favorites” this photograph has received on flickr.  I’m truly flattered that so many of you have liked it!  Collabor88 has some really incredible items during this chilly January, and the color palette is to die for!  Scarlet Creative & Apple Fall have begun to collaborate on a new joint effort called “Scarlet Apple” (cute name huh?) and one of their first releases is this stunning barn conversion, and some accessories to go with it.

Lots of great little details in this post!  See my credits for a full list of what you can find and where!


Home/Record Player/Photos:  Scarlet Apple | Charlotte Bartlett & warehousefifteendesigns  – Scandinavian Barn (available at Collabor88)

Living Room Set: Cheeky Pea | Isla Gealach – Ansel Living Room (available at Collabor88)

Boots: Surf Shack Co. | Emma Gilmour – Olea Boots

Bed: Cheeky Pea | Isla Gealach – Sweetwater Bed Winter

Artwork/Table: Pilot | Kaz Nayar – Aviation Set

Bath: Mudhoney | Rayvn Hynes – Meredith Bath (available at FaMESHed)




  • I’ve never seen the winter version of the sweetwater bed, just the one for the sweetwater room. :O Where’d you get it if I may ask?

    • I believe it was a limited edition possible group gift! I don’t believe she has it out in her store! I’m sorry! :( I’m sure if you IM her she’ll be gracious enough to help you snag a copy! Isla is a doll <3

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