Jan 24, 2013

Cover Couple

It was quite an honor to be asked by Linden Lab to participate in the cover photographs for SecondLife.com.  The first time I had the opportunity to do it I was thrilled beyond measure, and this time I’m even more joyful as I got the opportunity to pose with my man, Arkansas Sorbet!   Ark and I met in Second Life, so it truly felt fitting to be able to be apart of something so neat!  Thank you so much Linden Lab for once again asking me to be apart of something so special.  I’m truly honored!

A huge congratulations to Strawberry SinghWinter Jefferson, Eve Petlyakov and Harper Beresford for also displaying such beautiful Valentine’s themed photographs! If you are interested in what we are wearing, see below!


Arkansas Sorbet:

Skin: Belleza

Hair: Raw House

Suit: FateWear

Harlow Heslop

Hair: Truth

Skin: League

Earrings/Ring: Caroline’s Jewelry

Bracelet: Mandala

Dress: Baiastice


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