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Mar 20, 2012

POLL: Do you change your hair color often in Second Life?

I was a badly behaving blogger and didn’t do a photo for a blog post today, so I figured i’d pester you all with a new poll!  Feel free to comment and explain your answer, or tell us some of your favorite colors to wear!

Mar 13, 2012

BLOG POLL: Denim Jeans! How Many Pairs?

Denim jeans are such a staple not only in our Second Lives but especially our real lives.  As I type this, I am wearing my absolute favorite pair of jeans.  (They are from Old Navy and they are the best!)  I started getting curious about how many pairs of jeans people own in Second Life.  Nearly all clothing designers put out standard pairs of denim jeans.  They come in various hues of denim, tons of styles, some ripped, some skinny, some flared… The list is near endless.

How many pairs of generic denim jeans do you own in Second Life? Also, I would absolutely LOVE if you commented on this post and told us where your favorite jeans are from!

Mar 6, 2012

Blog Poll: How Many Avatars Have You Created?

The beauty of Second Life is the endless creation that is at our fingertips.  I know for me personally, sometimes I get bored and feel the urge to create something new, or need an avatar for a different purpose in Second Life. (No, I don’t mean for sneaking around and spying on people either btw!) While some may use an alt for malicious purposes, often times I think many residents find it fun to create different characters for different experiences or role play opportunities.

For me, I get a big kick out of discovering freebies, great deals on items, and also attempting to be creative by developing an entire new avatar.  I also sometimes just like the peace and quiet of being on an avatar that less people know about.  I can go out and experience a live music event, go out dancing, or hang with a few friends without being bombarded with work related inquiries.

Above, is myself, flanked on each side by my four alt avatars.  Getting this photo wasn’t easy, as I had to log onto 5 separate viewers at the same time!  My poor computer, I’m certain, wanted to kill me!  Most of these avs never see the pixel light of day, but I do on occasion bust them out for photo opportunities, or just to explore or role play with.

This got me curious and I started wondering…how many avatars do people have?  Is it normal to have so many, or do most just have one or two?  Feel free to answer the blog poll below and comment to explain your answer!

Feb 28, 2012

POLL: How Often do you Change Skins?

I’m curious how much of a “skin whore” you are in Second Life!  Do you change your skin on a daily basis, or are you the type that wants to look consistent here in this virtual world?  For me personally I have a staple skin that I change pretty rarely, but I will switch to other skins I like for either events, blogging purposes, etc… but I always go back to my favorite skin it seems!

Thanks for participating! Feel free to comment!

Jan 13, 2012

Poll: Which Viewer Do You Use?

I’m always interested in learning about why people use the viewers that they use.  What features do you love about your viewer of choice?  What features would you like to see other viewers incorporate?  Below is a poll featuring a list of some of the top viewers in Second Life.  Which viewer do you use?  Feel free to comment on this blog post and explain to us why, and what you love about your viewer! Especially comment if you use more than one viewer!  Let us know what you use specific viewers for! I know I always learn something new about the viewers available, and maybe others will too!

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