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Jun 21, 2015

Lake Party at Lelu’s


I would like to tell you all about an absolutely lovely person in Second Life. Her name is Lelu Anatine. She is sweet, kind, a ton of fun to hang out with, and also..immensely talented! Ms. Anatine has a fantastic blog called Running in Heels, and her Flickr is one of the sexiest on the grid. I’ve gotten a chance to get to know her a bit better over the last month or so, and I’m so thrilled about it. She is truly one of the nicest people I’ve met in Second Life and I’m so glad our paths have crossed.

Lelu also owns a pose store called Covet. It’s relatively new on the grid, and she’s building up her collection of high quality poses for purchase. I encourage you to stop by and check it out. Please keep in mind the store isn’t quite finished yet, but she does have a few really cute items out!

Lelu invited me over today for a little photo session / lake party. It was a lot of fun hanging out! For credits you can check out her blog post which should be coming soon!

Sep 24, 2012

The Dress Shirt

I was utterly helpless.

I mean truly. What woman can resist a man in a crisp white dress shirt? Add the tie…the vest…the nice pants and well… you see where I’m going with this.

It certainly didn’t take long till he was leading me up his front steps and down the dimly lit hallway of his cozy little place.  A careless trail of apparel and unmentionables littering the old wood flooring as I stumbled out of my ruby heels and into the arms of perfection.

So maybe the rest of the night was a bit of a blur, with countless secrets never to be told.  I can say though… that dress shirt made for the perfect escape….and a memorable parting gift.

(if you are interested in anything seen in the collage above please drop me an IM!) ;)


Sep 18, 2012



I was quite honored to be given the opportunity to participate in the newest round of banners on Second Life’s Marketplace.  This round features a couple photos focused around a circus and fair theme!  Thank you so much Linden Lab for giving me such a wonderful opportunity and allowing me to participate in something so fantastic.  The Second Life’s Marketplace is an absolutely wonderful tool that I encourage you all to use often.  It’s a great way to find new stores, shop in the convenience of your own “home”, and find treasures you never knew existed.

I know many people often times are curious about how they can be involved in bigger projects like this in the Second Life Community.  The best advice I can offer it to be consistent, work hard to stay involved within the community, and add your photographs and blog entries to feeds, flickr, plurk, etc… The more active you are through social networking, the more likely you will find these opportunities.

If you are looking for ways to participate and be more involved, I encourage you to check out the Official Second Life Flickr Page.  Here you can post your photographs & gain more exposure in the Second Life Community, as well as gain an opportunity to be Second Life’s picture of the Day.

Thanks again Linden Lab.  It’s always a pleasure. <3

Jul 6, 2012

That’s What Friends Are For

I often times have a really bad habit of forgetting to have fun in a world that is filled with endless opportunities for it.  I get caught up in the “work” side of Second Life, and fail to remember that sometimes a little fun and goofing off is needed.

One of my very best friends, Miss Paige Patrucci is entirely the opposite.  She is always having fun in Second Life.  She’s never afraid to do something silly, and her inventory is filled with an endless array of fun items to goof off with.  She’s notorious for wandering around to various sims and causing a comic scene, and she’s someone who does an incredible job of sometimes saying “HARLOW. WE NEED TO GO HAVE FUN.”

That’s what she did the other day when I was no doubt knee deep in Photoshop, or working on some other little project…completely oblivious to the thought of having a silly moment.  She pulled me away, threw a goofy hat my way, told me to throw on the silly sock puppets and run around the grid with her.

In a brief few minutes, I ended up laughing harder than I’d laughed in weeks!  It was much needed.  I am forever grateful to have Paige in my life, not only as a trustworthy friend, but someone who isn’t afraid to pull me away from the serious parts of my life sometimes… because let’s be honest.  We all need to have more fun in life.  Paige knows just how to do that!


Dresses: Mon Tissu | Anouk & Elie Spot – Seaside Sundress

Hats: Epic | Jade Winthorpe – Elephant Hats (can be found on marketplace)

Sock Puppets/Pose: Theosophy | Trace Osterham – Ellery the Sock Puppet




Jun 18, 2012

Someone Call Security!

So… life’s been a little bit stressful lately.  I’ve been struggling with some big upcoming changes and uncertainties and I just needed a night out. You know. One of THOSE nights.  I called up my two favorite guys on the grid, Mr. Arkansas Sorbet & Mr. Remy Stringfellow and essentially begged for them to take me out.  There was some hesitancy due to prior nights out in the past (apparently I have QUITE the drinking record!), but after a little bit of grumbling they agreed.

The night started off GREAT, as they always tend to do.  We bar hopped on the grid, joining up with friends for drinks and well…maybe a few shots too.  There was dancing, and laughter, and loads of fun, and just when the party was really getting started, the boys became distracted by the pretty blonde bartender.  I for one, was NOT going to be shown up on MY night of fun.  The redhead in me soon started to show!  A few more shots and I was chatting it up with a few of the local handsome patrons.  Liquid courage, and the encouragement of a group of cute boys soon enough had me up on the bar in my crocodile pumps dancing like I owned the place.

My plan worked!  It just may not have worked entirely how I wanted it to.  Over the loud thumping speakers I heard a shrill voice yell “Someone Call Security!”

That sure got the attention of Mr. Sorbet and Mr. Stringfellow cause soon enough they were racing over and yanking me down off the bar.  Apparently, my stubborn ginger side really seems to show when the vodka settles in, as they had to drag me out kicking and squealing.

Needless to say, it’s going to take a lot of convincing for my boys to take me out anytime again soon. Oopsie!

What I wore on my night out:

Skin: Belleza | Tricky Boucher – Lily V2- Medium

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede – Gem- Light Teal

Lashes: Beetlebones | Suetabulous Yootz – Dollface (mesh) – Black

Hair: Elikatira | Elikapeka Tiramisu – Rumor – Red 05

Top: One Bad Pixel | Sachi Vixen & Siddean Munro – Glomesh Halter – Cream

Jeans: Maitreya | Onyx LeShelle – Mesh Flare Jeans – #2

Shoes: NX-Nardcotix | Nardya Rousselot – Mana Era Gator Pump – Red

Pose: Glitterati | Katey Coppola


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