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Jan 17, 2012

Avatar Spotlight: Anubis Darkwatch

I really can’t believe it has taken me this long to do an avatar spotlight on the talented and awesome Mr. Anubis Darkwatch.  You may or may not know Anubis for his talent in the music world of Second Life, DJing at various places across the grid, as well as hosting a fantastic radio station, SLeek Radio.

Aside from his great tunes and stellar DJing skills, Anubis is also a great friend.  Someone who always makes sure to drop you an instant message to say hello and to ask how you are doing.  This is something I’m terribly guilty of being horrid at.  I never take the time to IM someone first.  Anubis always does.  He’s a kind soul, an encouragement to many, and brings a lot of entertainment for many of us as well on plurk.

If you are interested in checking out some of Anubis’s awesome parties drop him an IM.  I’m certain he’ll be more than happy to add you to his DJ group, which sends out news of all his great events across the grid! They are always a great time!

Oh and pssst… I totally blame SL for being a jerk. Either that or Anubis thought it’d be cool to wear two different color shoes. *winks*

What Anubis is Wearing:

Hair - Coma* Beckham Hair – Brown 1
Eyebrows – Tellaq – Depp
Guyliner – MOCK
Jeans – AOHARU BT Vintage Denim (Dark)
Belt – Gabriel – Loose Belt
Shirt - GothiCatz – DarkBallade
Shoes – Surf Coutoure – Paperboy Ankle Boots – Moss
Glasses – Role Optic – Arcadi

Jan 6, 2012

Avatar Spotlight: Rylan Carling & Sixx Yangtz

Sometimes you come across people in Second Life that you simply cannot help but like.  They are funny, kind, talented, good looking, and a million other redeeming qualities.  When you come across a couple who fit into these categories, it is even more rare and special.  All these positive and fuzzy feelings instantly come to mind when I think of Rylan Carling & Sixx Yangtz.

I’ve gotten a chance to get to know both Rylan & Sixx a bit more each and every day because we follow one another on the social networking site Plurk.  While plurk hosts it’s inevitable drama and crazy, it’s also home to a lot of really wonderful, fun loving people who instantly bring a smile to your face.  These are the type of people who keep me on plurk daily.  Both Rylan & Sixx caught my eye simply because you can always tell they are enjoying not only one another, but every detail of their Second Life.  They are a couple who truly make the most of the virtual life they’ve been given.

Rylan and Sixx both run a terrific blog together called RyXX.  Their blog features such a variety of great stuff, that it’s become a daily stop for me when I’m browsing my favorite blogs.  Whether it’s the most recent fashion find, a personal story about their awesome relationship (they are so flippin cute! You should see how witty and playful they are towards one another on plurk.), a story about their expanding family & friends, information about Sixx’s awesome new T shirt store called 6T , or some great new photography, the blog has it all.  I highly recommend it be a blog you add to your blog readers or bookmarks.

If there was an award in Second Life for most notoriously awesome couple, Rylan and Sixx would take the prize with no question.  I was really honored that they took up my offer to do a portrait of them, and also ramble a bit about them!  Thank you so much Rylan & Sixx.  It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you both! Thank you for bringing your talent and fun to the Second Life & Plurk community! I think many would agree with me when I say that it wouldn’t be the same place without you both!

Oh and pssst… I failed you all on a fashion level in this post and completely forgot to ask them for details about what they were wearing!  Both of them don’t bite…at least not hard anyway, so if you have any questions on their attire, I’m certain they wouldn’t be opposed to you asking!

Dec 2, 2011

Avatar Spotlight: Anabelle Viper

I always have such a great time doing avatar spotlights on my blog.  I’ve only done a handful, but each time I do a new one my appreciation for the Second Life community grows immensely.  Recently, I got a chance to ask my friend Anabelle Viper to be my next spotlight victim and she graciously agreed!

As many of you know I have been trying to amp up my fashion a bit.  Learn how to layer better, piece different items together better, and overall just have more fun with my wardrobe.  Ana has been a huge inspiration and help in trying to accomplish this new goal.  She has an impeccable way of piecing various items together to make an overall fantastic ensemble.  I like to consider Ana a fashionista without all the bitchy attached.  She is stylish, beautiful, and incredibly creative, but also one of the nicest and kindest people you will come across in the Second Life community.  Ana is an absolute doll! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her and her friends better over the past many weeks.

Below I have listed her style credits in the above photo.  As you can see she has a great sense of color and depth within her wardrobe.  Thank you so much Ana for being my most recent Avatar in the spotlight! :)


Skin: the boy co. Orchid (Ivory)
Hair: Clawtooth: Glass Birds- Red eye flight
Jacket: The Boutique- Seam Detail Lambskin Jacket- Violet
Shirt: -tb- Ciao Baby dress (shirt layer only)
Skirt: The Boutique- Crocodile Suede Skirt- Black
Shoes: ISON – girl panic boots (black)
Purse: The Boutique- Zipper Detail Purse- Brown
Tights: *Sheer* Tights 32 Contrast Black
Sunglasses: Reek- Park Shades
Watch: [DDL] BitterSweet
Necklace 1: (Yummy) Creator Charms- Gold Shears
Necklace 2: *League* Vintage Heart Necklace
Makeup: the body co. Orchid- lipstick (classic)
Teeth: [PXL] Mouth _open_addon
Pose: *CASHMERE*Bored Diva Stand4

Nov 20, 2011

Avatar Spotlight: Laurenza Republic

It’s not often that someone as lively as Laurenza Republic comes around.  Bubbly, sweet, and full of energetic fun, Laurenza brings a boatload of laughter and good times to my Second Life.  I don’t often get a chance to feature friends of mine in my blog posts, and I really should do it more often.  They are by far 10 times more interesting than I am, and feature all sorts of new styles that I can show you here.

I always have the best memories with specific friends of mine, and without a doubt Laurenza holds one of the funniest moments I’ve experienced in my many years in Second Life.  We have poetry night at my coffeehouse every other Thursday, and Laurenza got on voice and read us all “dirty limericks” during one of the nights around the campfire.  They were so funny, and everyone was laughing so hard, that they were crying!  Laurenza is just the type of girl who has no problem being funny, and being herself around others to make them laugh.  She’s certainly a great friend to have around, and there is never ever a dull moment if she is nearby!

A week or so ago Laurenza was wearing the adorable hat you see above, and I just thought it was darling on her.  Laurenza’s styles are always fun, fresh, and full of colorful energy.  She’s always finding the cutest items to pair together!  Below you can see a style sheet of all the items Laurenza is showing off!

Thanks so much Laurenza for modeling for me, and my blog!


Skin: Glam Affair – Layla (light)

Lashes: Lelutka – 2011 lashes/curl

Hat/Hair Combo: 50L Friday exclusive from Winter 2009, Winter.Jennifer 24.7 Pack (hat and bows on ends of braids (not shown) color change)

Ears: (pera) Droopy Ears (sadly this store has closed until further notice)

Long-sleeve shirt: Dion.Shirt (another FLF item from November 2010) in Leaf

Scarf: Tram Neck Warmer in Purple (gatcha festival item from Fall/Winter 2010)

Jeans: Decoy – Inferno 88 – dark denim

Boots: COCO Riding Boots in Black

Jul 13, 2011

Inspire Challenge: Oh Ohna

When I decided to do this inspire challenge for Second Life bloggers I knew I had a few people in mind that I really wanted to take the time to blog about.  One of those lovely people is the always awesome Miss Oh Ohna.  While I haven’t known Oh that long, nor do we spend very much time conversing in world, she always brings a smile to my face.

The sweet Miss Ohna and I are mutual followers of one another on the social site Plurk.  On a daily basis Oh is encouraging, kind and sweet.  If you are having a bad day she always makes sure to send a cozy (plurk’s adorable form of a hug) your way, and a nice word. She’s supportive and caring and the type of person you want to take the time to get to know.

Oh also has a blog of her own.  Her sense of style is unparallel and she has a knack for great photographs as well.  It’s certainly a blog I added to my reader and I recommend you do the same!  Whether she realizes it or not she often times is a trendsetter for many others across the grid.

Overall, I just think that the world could use many more people like Oh Ohna.  She is the kind of positive and sweet person that everyone needs to have in their life.  Thanks Oh! For being a constant source of encouragement and a dose of sweetness in the second life community!

What she is wearing:

( all of these stores can be found on my Shopping List!)

Hair: Fab-U-Lous – Lala (Black)

Skin: Adam and Eve – Yolande Expresso

Eyes: Fashism – ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Dark Brown

Tattoo lashes: Mock Cosmetics – Victorina Lashes in Noir
Tattoo lipstick: Mock Cosmetics – Dark Mallow Lip Creme

Earrings: Kik – Haluko earring emerald (gacha item)

Top: Priss – Print Tank *Dizzy Girl*

Jeans: Pink Outfitters – Eighty Four Denim – Indigo


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