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Nov 29, 2012

With Love

Just slow me down
Slow me down
Tell me tomorrow everything will be around
Just slow me down
Slow me down
You’re the one that keeps me on the ground

Baby you can be tough
Say enough is enough
You can even be blunt
Just do it with love


Skin: League | Nena Janus – Isla – Medium

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede – Glimmer – Gray (available at The Arcade on December 1st)

Hair: TRUTH | Truth Hawks – Nyx – Marmalade

Necklace: MG | Maxi Gossamer – Paris Black Diamond (available at the With Love Hunt on November 30th)

Dress: Paper Doll | Zoey Gabardini – Lace Frock – Navy (available at the With Love Hunt on November 30th)

Pose: !Bang | Trieste Minuet (available at The Arcade on December 1st)


Nov 28, 2012


On December 1st, the amazing gatcha event The Arcade will open it’s door’s once more and we will all be in a frenzy to pick up the latest and greatest gatcha gear!  I am certainly very excited, as the last one I dropped an insane amount of lindens at it.  It’s so much fun trying to collect all of our favorite items in every color, style, and theme.

This round is featuring a variety of amazing designers including Maylee Oh of The Secret Store.  She will be offering up a variety of beautiful satchels in a multitude of colors, and patterns.  My personal favorite is the Peach Sparkle (i’m holding it in the photo above!), but there are TWENTY different satchels to collect.  Will you grab them all?

I also wanted to point out my adorable hairstyle, and these great pumps.  They aren’t items featured at The Arcade, but the good news is they are items that are available right now at Wasabi Pills & Decoy’s main store locations.

I hope you are all looking forward to The Arcade as much as I am! Make sure to sneak on over on December 1st!


Skin: League | Nena Janus – Isla – Medium

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede – Reflection

Hair: Wasabi Pills | MissAllSunday Lemon – Joy – Gingerbread

Jeans: Maitreya | Onyx LaShelle – Zipper Skinny Jeans

Hands: SLink | Siddean Munro – Mesh Hands

Pumps: Decoy | Annette Voight – Lea Pumps – Silver

Satchels: The Secret Store | Maylee Oh – Tiny Satchels (available at The Arcade on December 1st)

Pose: Adorkable | Adorkable Peapod 


Nov 26, 2012


Hi everybody!  I’m back.  Vacation was very nice, and it was great to get away for a few days.  I unfortunately came back to some rough family news, but overall the vacation was a nice break from reality…and my computer.

Just a quick post today.  I got Ark to model the brand new preview of the Cooper skin from Belleza.  You can pick up the skin (and a shape that’s not shown above) at this month’s (and final) FAIR.

The skin is quite handsome, and I especially love the body on it.  Rawr!  You can pick up this brief and worthy preview, but stay tuned to Belleza in the coming weeks as the full release of Cooper will soon enough be available!

All of the other items that Mr. Sorbet is wearing above are older releases. The pose is a guy pose from !Bang.  If you have any questions about them feel free to bother me!


Nov 20, 2012


Today marks my 500th blog post!

It’s been a really exciting adventure to be blogging for this long.  I had a lot of people who truly doubted my commitment to this hobby, and I’m really glad I stuck with it. Take that haters!  ;)

I’ve enjoyed being a part of the SL Blogging community so much, and I’ve enjoyed all the opportunities that have come my way.  Second Life really is a remarkable world, and I’m honored to so involved in it.  I really do look forward to a long future in the blogging world & I’m very excited for everything to come.

On that note, I wanted to let you all know I’ll be on vacation from Wednesday November 21st through Monday November 26th!  I will be on a cruise to Cozumel with my family & Ark!  I’m really looking forward to the break from technology, and I certainly think I need it!

Thanks again for checking out my blog over the last 500 posts!  As cheesy as it sounds, I truly do feel as if I’ve hit a milestone in my “blogging career”.  I’ve experienced a lot of growth, and have learned quite a bit here.

Bring it on post 1000!

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Nov 19, 2012

Fair Sophia

I decided to bust out my brunette personality today for this post!  The newest skin release from PXL is just gorgeous and it was completely worth changing my hair color for!  The skin is called Sophia and I really encourage you to stop by and check it out.  My favorite feature of this skin is the freckles.  I think PXL makes some of the very best freckles on the grid.  I’ve been known in the past to wear PXL freckles with all sorts of different skins!  I think this skin also makes me look a little bit “poutier” which I oddly like!

I also wanted to point out my pretty dress from Baiastice.  This is a featured item at the last round of FAIR.  I’m sad to see this shortly lived event come to an end, but it was certainly enjoyable while it lasted!  Make sure to sneak over and snatch up this treasure.  I think it’s one of the sexiest dresses I’ve owned!

So hurry along now to not only FAIR to check out all the goodies they have to offer this round, but also PXL to pick up a great new skin!


Skin: PXL | Hart Larsson – Sophia

Hair: TRUTH | Truth Hawks – Tyler – Chocolate

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede – Reflection

Dress: Baiastice | Sissy Pessoa - Aida Dress – Cerise (available at FAIR)

Jewelry: Mandala | Kikunosuke Eel – Pearl Rain – Maple

Pose: Adorkable | Adorkable Peapod

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