Dec 10, 2012


So I feel a bit stupid.

I’m sure this surprises no one.

I am a truly horrible blogger. Truly.

Umm… I did this pic quite a handful of days ago, and I can’t really remember what like half the stuff in the pic is and where it’s from.  I kinda just threw on random things, and liked it.  I love the jacket tremendously! You can pick it up from Celoe, and it’s one of their newer releases.  It’s rigged to perfection, and fits flawlessly.  The color choices are super classy as well.

As for the jewelry, I think the ring is Caroline’s Jewelry and the necklace is Maxi Gossamer. (Oh god someone correct me if I’m wrong!) The pose is…err…ummm….Adorkable? (I think).  The pants are for sure my couture leggings from Maitreya, and my skin is my usual League skin Isla.  My hair? Exile!

So yeah…. if I’ve credited something wrong and you catch it please let me know.  I did this pic for fun a few days ago and planned to blog it much sooner and well….. yeah….


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