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We’ve all been new to Second Life, and we know how difficult it can be to get started without spending a lot of money!  Below I’ve put together a newbie resource guide to help you get started on your adventure in SL! (Special thanks to my wonderful plurk family in helping me locate some of these items!)  If you see anything below that no longer exists, needs updating, etc… or if you just have any questions about your Second Life experience, please don’t hesitate to contact me!  I will do my very best to keep this updated as I find out about great freebies & resources to help you along your way!

When you first join Second Life, I am certain you will be filled with a multitude of questions, and a vast amount of confusion.  Linden Lab (the company that owns Second Life), does a really fantastic job of making sure you have resources at your fingertips to learn the basic concepts & ideas behind Second Life.  Their Users Manual found on their Wiki Help Portal is a fantastic tool in learning the basic concepts behind Second Life.

When you log in for the first time in Second Life, you will more than likely be placed in a place called “Welcome Island.”  Here you will be associated with the very basics & controls behind Second Life.  It is so imperative that you do not skip this and pay close attention to what they teach you.  Don’t hesitate to wander around and tries things multiple times before you leave!

Often times, as a newbie you may not recognize some of the various terms and “lingo” used in the Second Life Community.  Below I’ve listed just a few of the many terms you may here often in chat across the grid.  It just may spare you some embarrassment by having to ask an older resident.

SL – This stands for “Second Life”

RL – This stands for “Real Life”

Resident – This is a member of the Second Life Community.  We are called “Residents”.

Sim – This is a plot of land in Second Life.  It can be broken into what we call parcels.  You can live, have a business, play, and do all sorts of things on a sim.  You can rent, buy or sell sims.

LM – This stands for “Landmark”.  It is an item in your inventory that you use to save locations you visit frequently.

NC – This stands for “Notecard”.  It’s basically like a writing pad for Second Life so you can write down notes, take down information, and save necessary text needed.

TP – This stands for “Teleport”.  This is how you get from place to place in Second Life.  Often times you will hear a resident say “Would you like a TP?”  “Can I get a TP?”

Av/Avie/Avatar – This is your virtual person.  Your “character” in Second Life is called an avatar.  This is a standard term used across many types of games.

Linden – This is the Second Life currency.  If you would like to purchase lindens you can do so by logging into your account on  You can buy, sell, earn, etc… Lindens in Second Life.

LL/Linden Lab – The company that Second Life was created by.  You can find out more information on them here.

Grid – This is the entire mass of “sims” across the map in Second Life.  All the sims make up the grid.

Inventory – This is basically your virtual closet.  It stores all of your belongings. Clothes, body parts, objects, notecards, scripts, textures, etc…

HUD – Also known as a “head up display” this is an object that when attached appears on your screen instead of on your body.  Most have various buttons and options depending on what it is being used for.  Customizeable fashion including shoes, jewelry, hair, etc… often times have HUDs that allow you to change texture or sizing options.  Games, and other items in Second Life may also use a HUD.

AO – This is what makes your avatar move creatively.  It’s called your Animation Override.

Shape vs. Skin – Your “shape” is essentially your avatar’s skelton and muscle mass.  It forms the inner shell of what your avatar looks like.  A “skin” is what covers the exterior of your avatar.  Often times residents keep their shape, but will change skins on an often basis.  Skins come with a variety of makeup options, tones, etc…

RP – This stands for “roleplay”.  Within the Second Life community there are endless forms of RP.  Everything from medieval, gothic, adult, family, and modern day RP is available.  The possibilities are endless.

SLurl – This is an “address” similar to a landmark that can be used on the map to help find a destination.

Your avatar is the life behind your Second Life experience.  Your customization options are near endless and it’s important you realize the magnitude of what all you can accomplish within your customizing options.  Please read up on how your Inventory functions, as well as playing around with the Appearance Editor (right click on avatar > > > Edit appearance/shape)  One of my favorite bloggers, Miss Strawberry Singh  (who also has a fantastic newbie resource guide) did a great project in the past called “What’s Your Digits?”  Looking through this will give you a great understanding for proportion, shapes, and what sizing is average and the normal in the Second Life community.

Often times generous store owners will put together newbie packages for you to enjoy within a certain number of days in the Second Life Community.  Below I’ve listed a few good choices for picking up great freebies to get you started on your Second Life Journey. Thank you again to Strawberry for having a few of these already listed prior to this post!

A : S : S - (30 days & younger) – Clothing for both men and women as well as few other goodies.

Amacci - (14 days & younger) – Free AO (animation override) for young avatars!

Apple May Designs(30 days & younger) – Great free items for newbies, as well as some other great bargains.

Duh – (30 days & younger) – Great pair of free sneakers for young avatars, as well as great subscriber groups and bargain freebies.

Elymode - (30 days & younger) – Towards the back of the store there is a present box filled with great items!  Just click it and you will find a bit of everything! Makeup, skirts, bikini tops, etc…

Exodi - (30 days & younger) – Full avatar packages are available for women.  Includes everything from a shape, skin, hair, and various clothing items.  Perfect for starting out!

Long Awkward Pose(30 days & younger) – Here you fill find two basic AO’s (animation overrides) for both men and women!

SEmotion - (30 days & younger) – Great AO (animation override) for new avatars.

Sn@tch(30 days & younger) – Use the teleport map near the front of the store to go to the Bargain Pit!  Here you will find a free newbie avatar for under 30 days, as well as a room filled with amazing bargains & some freebies!

These are designers and stores who have put out great freebie items that do not have an age limit to how long you can grab them.  Some you will have to join their group to acquire, but I’ve only listed places with groups that are free to join.  Others are simply in boxes for you to pick up!

Abranimations - Free male and female AO for any avatar new and old.

Al Vulo – Free group to join and often times has a free skin out for group members.

Analog Dog - Head out to the beach and find the balls with freebie hair!

COCO – Join the group for free at their store, and find a whole wall filled with amazing freebies and group gifts.

coldLogic – Click the sign to join the group and get occasional freebies! Don’t forget to pick up the current one! The store features mesh items for women.

D!va - Free to join group with exclusive group hair freebies.

Exile – A few freebie hairs for both men and women.

Fab Free HQ - No group necessary and lots of quality freebies available!  Also check out the resourceful Fab Free Blog!

Free Dove – A great newbie or freebie finder paradise! All sorts of items in lots of categories to choose from.

Icing - Has a corner of great freebie dresses, skirts, shoes, jewelry, and a goodie bag full of surprises.

Insufferable Dastard – A fantastic customer appreciation pack with some beautiful freebie eyes!

Jane – Join the group to get great freebies sent out often.  Also check out the amazing intrinsic tank top set filled with tanks of every color, as well as some hipster panties, and skirts!

Lamb. – Three free hair fatpacks, one called color demos and includes all the colors of hair she features.

Maitreya - Join their subscriber and get a free fat pack of pumps as a welcome gift!

Menstuff Lounge – Some great exclusive freebies for men.

Roly Poly – Numerous free items available on their marketplace.

Seraphim HQ – Great free gifts that are changed out quite often!

So Many Styles – Group is free to join and sends out great group items frequently. Make sure to check for old ones!

Tableau Vivant - Free to join update group which sends out free male skins occasionally!

TRUTH - Right as you walk in the door there are a few quality freebie hairs available!

Undefined Lilies – This store features adorable jewelry, and if you join her subscriber group you will be have access to the freebies she sends out, as well as some past ones!

These are some great steals that in my opinion, and the opinion of many others are worth sharing! These items aren’t free, but for what you get they are quite a steal!

Ducknipple - Great bargain room filled with older high quality items at bargain prices! – Not only do they have freebie tanks and belts, but also a great discount section.

Glam Affair – The group is only 30L to join and sends out beautiful skins quite often.

Heartsick – Group is only 10L to join and sends out great male and female skins occasionally! A few free shapes are available as well.

HOC - This store is filled with amazingly cheap treasures including home, fashion, and other quirky items.

Jack Spoon – Lots of items 10L or less and very cute!

Oracul - Features fantastic and cheap full AOs, or you can purchase individual animations separately for only 10L each!

Below are just a few of the many resourceful blogs to help get you started on your Second Life journey:

Blogging Second Life - An absolutely fantastic resource filled with links to blogs, stores, etc…

Fabulously Free in Second Life - A great blog with freebies & cheap items worth picking up!

Free Style - A fantastic resource for newbies and freebie hunters!

JuicyBomb - A fantastic blog featuring an array of fashionable items.  Gogo does a fantastic job of showing every detail of all her items and giving honest praise/critiques.

Second Life Blogs – The official Second Life page features a wide variety of topics in great blog posts done by lindens and residents alike.  Always a great place to keep up to date on news and events in Second Life.

Seraphim SL – Features weekly sales events, bargains, store sales, festivals, fairs, and more! Not to mention a great attitude to go along with their helpful resources.

Shopping Cart Disco - News, rumors, gossip &  more can be found!  A great resource for keeping up with all that is happening in Second Life.

Strawberry Singh – Not only is Berry’s blog filled with useful information and tutorials, you can find great destinations, and another fantastic newbie resource guide on her site.

For more fantastic blogs please check out my blogroll, or feeds list.

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of what Second Life offers and have learned a little bit more about our virtual playground, you may be wanting to experience more.  Why not check out the marketplace which is filled with near endless items to purchase?  You can purchase lindens with real life funds by visiting your dashboard at Just log in and you’ll see the buy/sell option.  Check out SL’s destination guide for great locations to visit as well.

I hope this resource guide has been beneficial to you in the start of your Second Life journey!  Welcome!

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