Oct 13, 2012

Taming The Wild

Cinema has officially opened it’s doors.  You better scurry on over…you’ll find some oh so yummy items, like this amazing pose from !Bang called “Taming the Wild”.  I’d say the name is rather fitting…wouldn’t you?


Oct 13, 2012


I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had much of a chance to blog this amazingly awesome month at Collabor88.  I’m certain i’ll have more for you coming soon but I did want to jump on board all the awesome and show you a few great items you can pick up.

Glam Affair has released a beautiful new skin called Ginny.  I was so pleased to see that the skin suited my shape.  You can pick up Ginny in a variety of makeup and brow options this month at Collabor88.  Also while over at the event you can swing by Auxiliary‘s spot and grab these adorable Bunneh Hoodies!  They come in ten different colors.  I am wearing red!  Auxiliary will be releasing a special version of the Bunneh Hoodie at Cinema which will be opening sometime today.  I’ll be sure to have a slurl for y’all shortly!

To keep with the Collabor88 theme of items, BOOM has these gorgeous earrings out at the event.  Aren’t they beautiful?  They come in a whole array of vibrant colors with silver and bronze options available.  I had an opportunity to peek at BOOM’s booth at the Cinema event blogger preview and I must say…they have lots of goodies to be found there as well!

So many events! So little time! <3


Skin: Glam Affair | Aida Ewing – Ginny (available at Collabor88)

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede – Reflection

Earrings: BOOM | Aranel Ah – Calamus Earrings (available at Collabor88)

Hoodie: Auxiliary | Tyr Rozenblum & Crushed Clarity – Bunneh Hoodie (available at Collabor88)

Pose: Marukin | Valencia Southard (available at Collabor88)





Oct 12, 2012

City Girl

As most of you know i’m not the best at putting an outfit together.  Ironic isn’t it?  A fashion blogger who couldn’t put a fashion ensemble together if her life depended on it.  I typically throw one or two things on and call it a day.  Regardless of my lack of fashion sense I really did enjoy putting this outfit together.  How could I not?  So many beautifully designed pieces by some incredibly talented designers.

The Secret Store has released some beautiful mesh skirts recently.  The belt is a separate attachment so you can choose to wear the skirt with or without the belt. I personally think that the belt completes the entire outfit.  That or these great boots from GOS.  I blogged the houndstooth version of these gorgeous mesh boots recently (they are for a GREAT cause) and finally got around the blogging the regular leather versions.  So beautiful and detailed… and wow. Just perfect.

For the first time in a long time i’m wearing a non-mesh jacket.  This jacket is a much older release from Fri.day and I must say… even with the release of mesh this jacket still holds its own in the SL fashion world.  I just love it.  it fits well, moves well, and looks fantastic.  With the release of mesh I’ve found myself retiring a lot of my older non-mesh items.  This jacket is here to stay!

I hope y’all have a great start to your weekends. <3


Skin: League | Nena Janus – Isla – Medium

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede – Reflection

Nails: Pixel Mode | Tya Fallingbridge – Platinum Nails – Fetish

Hair: Magika | Sabina Gully – Capture

Tank: Jane | Janie Marlowe – Intrinsic Tank – Blush

Jacket: Fri.day | Parvarti Monday – Tourist Jacket – Black

Skirt: The Secret Store | Maylee Oh – Birdie – Vieux Rose

Boots: GOS | Gospel Voom – Equestrian Boots – Black

Location: Mayfair

Oct 10, 2012


The Hottie Cooterati Experience is about to put on an absolutely fantastic event called Cinema! The grand event will open October 13th (That’s this Saturday!) and will run through the 31st! (Woohoo! Halloweeeeen!).  The event is focused around seven different and dynamic themes.  The themes include action/adventure, fantasy/musicals, romance, horror, sci-fi, film noir, and XXX.  If you are a total skank like Strawberry Singh (she’s gonna kick my ass), then i’m sure you’ll be EXTRA excited for the XXX themed items.  *evil grins* Speaking of that Strawberry skank, she’s featured above in this fabulous horror themed poster.  I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be a part of the poster series and Berry has kindly made a set on flickr so you can view all six of the awesome posters. The posters are an art collaboration by RubyStarlight Writer, Anya Ohmai, and Miss Berry herself.  Amazing work if I do say so myself.

Since we wore Auxiliary items in the poster, I found it only fitting for my first post about Cinema (i’m certain there will be many more this month) to feature items from Auxiliary!  These “Zombified” cropped double tops will be one of the many lovely items you can find during the event.

The pose I’m using is also something you can pick up at Exposeur‘s booth at Cinema.  The set comes with 5 beautiful poses with mirrored copies included.  I love how much personality the entire set has.

Make sure to stay tuned as I bring you more Cinema coverage soon! <3


Skin: League | Nena Janus – Isla – Medium

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede – Reflection

Hair: TRUTH | Truth Hawks – Swift – Marmalade

Nails: Izzie’s | Izzie Button – Round Nails

Top: Auxiliary | Tyr Rozenblum & Crushed Clarity – Zombified Doubles Top (available at Cinema opening Sat. Oct 13th)

Jeans: Auxiliary | Tyr Rozenblum & Crushed Clarity – Skinny Jeans – Stoned

Pose: Exposeur | Rubystarlight Writer – (available at Cinema opening Sat. Oct 13th)


Oct 9, 2012

Wake Up Call

He looked so peaceful and sweet sprawled out asleep on the floor.  I can’t quite remember how he ended up there.  A glass of wine led to another and well… you know how it goes.

It was a fun night, as they usually are… and I just couldn’t help myself.  I just had to be the one to wake him up.

(Make sure to stop by The Men’s Dept for the awesome pants Ark happens to be wearing!  Also scamper over to FaMESHed for the gorgeous jewelry i’m wearing!)


On Me:

Skin: League | Nena Janus – Isla – Medium

Hair: Elikatira | Elikapeka Tiramisu – Rumor – Red 05

Jewelry: MG | Maxi Gossamer – Valencia Set (available at FaMESHed)

Lingerie: Somnia |  Sanura Snowpaw – Pinned Courtesan – White

Feet: Pixel Mode | Tya Fallingbridge – Pour Femme Bare Feet

On Ark:

Skin: Belleza | Tricky Boucher – Ashton

Hair: Raw House | Jay Chaos – Adam

Pants: [Sheep Door] | meito Karu - Painter Pants (available at The Men’s Dept)

Pose: CNS E-Motion | Cynthia Ultsch

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