Jan 17, 2012

SOPA Strike

Tomorrow, on January 18th 2012 numerous websites, including big name Wikipedia will be taking part in an Internet Blackout to protest against SOPA (Stop online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act).  I too will be attempting to participate in this black out.  I have a java script I will be enabling into my website’s theme page and it should “black me out” for the day.  This being said…I really encourage others to do the same if this is something they feel strongly about.

Do you know what these bills mean?  If you don’t I highly suggest you read up.  I’ll be honest when I say that these are issues that I were ignorant to till very recently when someone explained to me what they could mean.  I did my research, and now I want to make sure I’m doing my part.  I personally really love this article on techdirt.com about “Why SOPA and Protect IP are Bad, Bad Ideas.”  If you would like some  relatively unbias  and informative pages on these bills I suggest checking out wikipedia on SOPA and PIPA .  Keep in mind, in less than 9 hours from now though, Wikipedia and many other sites including my own will be “blacking out” to protest against these bills from passing.

Let me be clear.  Infringement and piracy are issues that DO need solutions, but these bills are not the right way of going about it.  To be even more clear, if these bills pass you can kiss many of your favorite and most helpful websites goodbye.  Music sites, social networking sites, and yes…even Second Life could be shut down in a near instant by the government.

So I really encourage bloggers, website owners, and the general public to read up on these bills, and take action.  Support the strike.  Join in.

Also, many are encouraging others to call their local representatives and be clear to them that if they support the passing of these bills that you will make sure to tell everyone you know NOT to vote for them.  It is so important that our representatives, politicians, and the government as a whole know that we will not agree to this.

I hope you do your part in this! I know I will be! :)


Jan 17, 2012

Avatar Spotlight: Anubis Darkwatch

I really can’t believe it has taken me this long to do an avatar spotlight on the talented and awesome Mr. Anubis Darkwatch.  You may or may not know Anubis for his talent in the music world of Second Life, DJing at various places across the grid, as well as hosting a fantastic radio station, SLeek Radio.

Aside from his great tunes and stellar DJing skills, Anubis is also a great friend.  Someone who always makes sure to drop you an instant message to say hello and to ask how you are doing.  This is something I’m terribly guilty of being horrid at.  I never take the time to IM someone first.  Anubis always does.  He’s a kind soul, an encouragement to many, and brings a lot of entertainment for many of us as well on plurk.

If you are interested in checking out some of Anubis’s awesome parties drop him an IM.  I’m certain he’ll be more than happy to add you to his DJ group, which sends out news of all his great events across the grid! They are always a great time!

Oh and pssst… I totally blame SL for being a jerk. Either that or Anubis thought it’d be cool to wear two different color shoes. *winks*

What Anubis is Wearing:

Hair - Coma* Beckham Hair – Brown 1
Eyebrows – Tellaq – Depp
Guyliner – MOCK
Jeans – AOHARU BT Vintage Denim (Dark)
Belt – Gabriel – Loose Belt
Shirt - GothiCatz – DarkBallade
Shoes – Surf Coutoure – Paperboy Ankle Boots – Moss
Glasses – Role Optic – Arcadi

Jan 14, 2012

Honey, I’m Home!: The Sweet Pea Skybox

We were lucky enough to be asked to be a part of the awesome group Stumblebum!  For our first release in the group we are featuring a new home called The Sweet Pea Skybox.  If you like girly items that are filled with pink it’s certainly a skybox you will enjoy!   Here is the SLURL in case any of you awesome people care to check it out!

Jan 13, 2012

Poll: Which Viewer Do You Use?

I’m always interested in learning about why people use the viewers that they use.  What features do you love about your viewer of choice?  What features would you like to see other viewers incorporate?  Below is a poll featuring a list of some of the top viewers in Second Life.  Which viewer do you use?  Feel free to comment on this blog post and explain to us why, and what you love about your viewer! Especially comment if you use more than one viewer!  Let us know what you use specific viewers for! I know I always learn something new about the viewers available, and maybe others will too!

Jan 12, 2012

Insomnia Station

One of my biggest goals for my blog this year, was to try harder to make it more balanced & well rounded.  More places featured, mens fashion, kids stuff, home & garden and more.  To try and steer away some from my boring self and fashion.  Not that I won’t be featuring fashion and myself any longer, but I will try and find more of a balance, and help to showcase a lot more of what’s going on within Second Life.

If you follow Felicity Blumenthal or Strawberry Singh’s blogs you will have probably already heard about KoinUp. Being two of my most favorite bloggers in Second Life, I knew after hearing them discuss how great it was, I needed to check it out for myself.  KoinUp is a website dedicated to virtual worlds, and it’s pretty awesome!  Second Life has it’s own specific section on the website where you can make an account, upload photos, machinima, or storyboards.  You can create a profile, add friends, favorite work, etc…  It’s similar to flickr in many regards, but focused solely on virtual environments.  You can find my account here.  Feel free to add me as a friend! Would love to meet more of you!

One of my favorite aspects of KoinUp is the opportunity to discover new places in Second Life.  When you upload an image you have the ability to list the SLurl.  You can click on the slurl and go straight to the destination in SL.  This is so useful!  I spend all my time on three of the same sims in SL, or my platform way up in the sky.  Now, I can finally go out and discover new places and come back and tell you about them.  One of the places I found yesterday is called Insomnia Station.

In my brief visit at Insomnia Station I found the place is surrounded with mystery.  When you first appear you are directed to sit and wait for the coming train.  You are then thrown into a world of islands high in the sky.  From what I gather, there is art, rock and blues music, stores, and an incredible looking train station with a train that seems to… well… be veering off the tracks a bit.

If you are looking for a great place to explore, photograph, or meet new people stop in Insomnia Station and check out what the intriguing sim has to offer.