Mar 8, 2012

Fresh Simplicity

I was absolutely honored to be asked to be a part of Linden Lab’s Second Life Fresh Fashion Week!  This week a group of incredibly talented bloggers (why on earth they put me with these fabulous people I’ll never know!) came together to bring a week of spring fashion trends, ideas, and advice for the entire community to enjoy.  I focused my look and blog entry on Fresh Simplicity.  If you feel inclined, you can check out the blog entry here!

I also want to really encourage Second Life residents to take part in the Second Life forums.  The forums have a lot to offer, not to mention experienced residents can take up the opportunity to answer questions for newcomers, etc… I know that many people complain that the forums breed a lot of drama, but if you feel you are a person who can give your opinion without attacking, or offer advice without taking things personally I really encourage you to get involved and encourage the community at a whole.  :)

Anyway, I hope y’all enjoy all the blog entries offered this week for the Fresh Fashion Event.  There are so many talented bloggers with a lot of great styles to show off and advice to give!

Mar 8, 2012

Epoch Date

As many of you know, my boyfriend Arkansas Sorbet and I met in Second Life.  We are currently super broke, living it up in a nice, but ultra small one bedroom apartment, and trying to get by like most broke college age people, while he finishes up his schooling.  He graduates in June.  I’m pretty darn excited for him.

Needless to say, because of him finishing up school, and our finances being on such a strict budget, we often times use Second Life as a tool for us to go on dates and spend time together.  It sure beats sitting on the couch watching TV or aimlessly staring at each other trying to come up with something creative to do!

Last night, we took some time to wander a few of the sims at the Epoch event.  The place is filled with some absolutely amazing things.  The creators cafe, forbidden city, and so much more stand out as some of the best creations Second Life has seen up until this point.  I was so impressed.  The multiple sims also have a really fantastic selection of fashion items during the event.  I definitely recommend stopping by and checking out everything Epoch has to offer.


On Ark:

Skin: Belleza –  Ashton

Hair: Raw House –  Adam

Eyes: [Croire] – Ingenious (electrocute)

Tattoos: Aitui – Lovers Dancing; Aitui Never Hate

Pants: Muism – Straight Damage

Shoes: HOC – East Striders

Shirt: Armidi – Basic Crew Neck

Necklace: :Fusion: – Horn Cord

On Harlow:

 Skin: Belleza – Alyson

Hair: TRUTH – Brenna

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Shimmer – Blue

Lashes: Beetle Bones – Mesh Lashes – Dollface – Black

Top: Decoy – Emily Ruffle Tank – Striped Morning

Jeans: Atomic – Ripped Skinny Jeans – Stoned

Pose: Glitterati

Location: Epoch

Mar 6, 2012

Blog Poll: How Many Avatars Have You Created?

The beauty of Second Life is the endless creation that is at our fingertips.  I know for me personally, sometimes I get bored and feel the urge to create something new, or need an avatar for a different purpose in Second Life. (No, I don’t mean for sneaking around and spying on people either btw!) While some may use an alt for malicious purposes, often times I think many residents find it fun to create different characters for different experiences or role play opportunities.

For me, I get a big kick out of discovering freebies, great deals on items, and also attempting to be creative by developing an entire new avatar.  I also sometimes just like the peace and quiet of being on an avatar that less people know about.  I can go out and experience a live music event, go out dancing, or hang with a few friends without being bombarded with work related inquiries.

Above, is myself, flanked on each side by my four alt avatars.  Getting this photo wasn’t easy, as I had to log onto 5 separate viewers at the same time!  My poor computer, I’m certain, wanted to kill me!  Most of these avs never see the pixel light of day, but I do on occasion bust them out for photo opportunities, or just to explore or role play with.

This got me curious and I started wondering…how many avatars do people have?  Is it normal to have so many, or do most just have one or two?  Feel free to answer the blog poll below and comment to explain your answer!

Mar 5, 2012

Newbie Resource Guide

I’ve finally gotten around to putting together a Newbie Resource Guide for new residents in the Second Life Community. It can be found under my tips & tricks menu.  A huge thank you to all of my great friends on plurk for helping list some of these for me to check out.  I hope this guide helps any new residents that you meet! Feel free to pass it their way and let others know about it.

If you know of anything I’ve missed, or any information that may be inaccurate in the guide, please don’t hesitate to let me know! :) Happy Monday everyone!

Mar 4, 2012


Have you photographers and bloggers ever had a chance to check out Luna Jubilee’s Windlight Settings?  She has a newer one she released just recently called Springscape, and it’s as lovely as ever!  I had a lot of fun venturing over to the Dimrill Dale sim, which is part of the Calas Galadhon Park sims, and playing with this gorgeous windlight.  If you are in need of some unique and well done windlights Luna’s are certainly worth downloading and experimenting with.

I finally had a chance to venture over to the March Mesh Madness.  Let me just say…IT IS MADNESS on that sim!  It’s jam packed with people, and full nearly all the time.  It is with good reason though that the sim is so full, because nearly every single thing at the event is fantastic.  I had a chance to sneak in (after numerous attempts with the full sim), and picked up this adorable mesh dress from Jane.  She does a great job of always making sure there are demo’s available, and after a quick demo I found the dress fit me perfectly!

I paired the dress with a beautiful necklace set from Caroline’s Jewelry (it comes with earrings that I am not wearing above), that you can currently find at the Disco Deals Bazaar through today.  I believe it ends after the 4th so hurry on over!  Everything at Disco Deals is 250 or less!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! It as usual, went by entirely too fast!


Skin: Belleza – Alyson – 0

Hair: TRUTH – Felecia – Mesh – Copper w/Roots

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Shimmer Eyes – Blue

Lashes: BeetleBones – Mesh Lashes – V1 – Dollface – Black

Necklace: Caroline’s Jewelry – Strands Necklace – Black & Silver

Dress: Jane – Petals Dress – Turquoise

Boots: SLink – Tall Leather Thigh Boots – Black (mesh)

Pose: Pekka Poses

Location: Dimrill Dale