Dec 22, 2011

Holiday Vacation Time!

Well folks! I’m going on vacation!  I will be gone from December 23rd through January 2nd!  I am traveling back up north to my home state of Indiana to visit with family and friends.  I won’t be blogging during that time, as I think it’s time for a little bit of a breather & breath!  I’m going to focus on the important things in life… such as… eating lots and lots of Christmas cookies, drinking an absurd amount of hot buttered rum, and tearing through endless layers of wrapping paper to greedily open all my gifts!

Okay…In all honesty…I’m just really excited to see my family and friends and spend time with them.  Although, that hot buttered rum is pretty darn delicious.

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season filled with so much joy.  If you are traveling, I wish you nothing but the safest of travels!  We have a 14 hour trek with 4 pets in one car ahead of us! It should be….interesting.  Take the time to enjoy the small moments during this Holiday season and appreciate the little things in life that we are given.  They really add up to big things in the end.

I’m really looking forward to coming back in January full swing.  It’s going to be a great year! I can feel it!




P.S. I included Noel and I’s ultra cheesy Christmas Card for you all!  I hope you enjoy!

Dec 22, 2011


I have two quick blog posts coming your way before I leave for my vacation at 4am!  This first one I wanted to talk to you about the Limited Couture Event!  This event is a monthly event featuring beautiful items with only 150 copies available of each!  Once they are gone they are gone forever!

The high waisted leopard pants (although…can we really call these pants?) are from the event and they are my FAVORITE item this month! I just think they scream FIERCE! My top, shoes, and hair are not from the event, but there are plenty of other items this month to choose from.  I really enjoyed seeing so much quality in one place!


Skin: Belleza – Alyson

Hair: Magika – Red Pack – Chu

Top: ISON – Silk Bralette – Black

Pants: Divine – High Waisted Leopard Pants – Limited Couture Event – Only 150 copies available.

Shoes: SLink – Mesh – Tall Leather Thigh Boots – Black

Pose: Bent!


Dec 21, 2011

Delicate Damsel

Finally! I’m getting around to really talking about one of the awesome events taking place in SL right now!  The Four Corners Event is an event running from December 17th through the 31st.  It features four “corners” with four very unique style themes.  Those style themes include: Delicate Damsel, Bikes and Spikes, Alluring Modesty, & Delightfully Bright!

I had a difficult time deciding what theme I really wanted to showcase so I opted to keep it simple and elegant and go with the “Delicate Damsel” theme.  My beautiful dress is from Toki-Doki, and the lovely and very intricate necklace I am wearing comes from Undefined Lilies.  But can be found at the event!  My hair I’m sporting is from TRUTH and can be found at it’s regular location and not at this event.  It’s an older style that i’ve had for quite a while now.

I hope you all are able to find some time to sneak over to the The Four Corners Event.  I think it’s a great event with a lot of high quality items at your fingertips!

Dec 20, 2011

SMY: Best in Blogs 2011

The other day a notecard was passed to me explaining that my blog had been invited to take part in the SMY Best in Blogs 2011 Exhibit.  Now…I’m going to be totally honest and express how truly oblivious I am to so many great events that take place in SL because…I had no clue what the SMY SL Photography Exhibit Hall was.  To show you just how absent minded I am… the photography gallery has been around for QUITE some time. I just somehow never knew! I’m so glad I know about it now!

Anyway, I was beyond humbled and flattered when I found out JUST what the NC represented.  I was asked to be a part of the Best in Blogs exhibit this year and it really put a huge smile on my face.  My art up the wall alongside some of the bloggers I admire and respect the most in the SL community? Wow. What an honor!  I at first thought they may have sent the NC to the wrong person… :)

The exhibit is really well done.  You can wander over to it here.  We were asked to pick a favorite photo of ours over the past year that has been featured in our blog and I had a really difficult time choosing.  I narrowed it down to five and then had my awesome plurk friends help me pick!  You will just have to stop by the gallery to see which image is up! ;)

The exhibit features so many amazingly talented bloggers & photographers.  People who I admire daily and look up to. Again..I really can’t believe MY photo is up on the wall with these ridiculously talented people.  The list includes:

Rylan Carling, Sixx Yangtz, Bouncer Criss, Flash Unplugged, Honour McMillan, Laura18 Streeter, Cady Fretwork, Abernathy Button, Strawberry Singh, Atteris Amarth, Dagmar Haiku, Neva Crystall, Leela Qissinger, Suri Yangtz, James Schwarz, and Storm Torvaler.

I sure hope I didn’t miss anyone on that list! If I did someone bop me over the head and let me know! :)  Thank you SMY for including me in this great gallery exhibit! I’m so appreciative, and flattered, and it made my whole week!

Oh…and on a totally separate note, I apologize for STILL not showing you some event related items.  I’ve been really busy with a lot of stuff preparing for my Holiday leave that I haven’t had any time.  Will do my very best to get all of that on here before I travel up north!


Dec 19, 2011

Opinion Post: Please Stop That!

*DISCLAIMER:  I was told this is rather one sided towards Designers instead of Bloggers.  As a blogger I often times don’t think I see the mistakes/errors/obnoxious things that I am doing as well as other bloggers are doing.  I really encourage Designers to kindly respond and explain some things bloggers my be doing wrong.  I wanted to list more things about bloggers, and in my plurk and this post it was more designer sided, so PLEASE! Let us bloggers know what we can do to improve!*

Just recently I asked on plurk what bothered people from a business perspective with bloggers & designers.  I wanted to make sure I covered both ends of the spectrum because as you know, sometimes the communication between a blogger, consumer, and designer can be a bit… tangled.

Below I’ve listed some of the top gripes that people mentioned.  In all honesty some of these things I’m guilty of! Others are things I completely agree on as well.  So designers? Bloggers? Please stop doing these things!

1. Designers: High Prim Boxes.

We understand that well done packaging is really important, but often times many of us don’t have the prim space to rez your 40 prim fancy packaging!  It becomes an inconvenience when we have to find a laggy sandbox somewhere across the grid to open our newly purchased item.  This point ties in great with our next one as well…

2. Designers: Don’t Make Us Leave to Demo!

It’s completely understandable that to reduce spam and griefing many designers keep their land set so we are unable to rez objects.  This being said, please either include your demo items in a folder, or a wearable object that we can unpack with ease.  Making us take a demo box back home or to a sandbox can also be a really huge inconvenience and for some, may even deter us coming back to buy the actual object!

 3. Designers: The freedom of choice with group updates/subscribers.

Please stop adding us automatically to your subscribers, hippo, & update groups.  Give us the freedom of choice to join your group.  Trust me, I see it all over plurk and in group chats all the time.  People whining about a store owner adding them to their subscriber without even asking them.  You will gain so much more respect and dedication from a customer who has the opportunity to join the group on their free will.  Not to mention, tracking the designer down to ask to be removed can be really uncomfortable.  Just put a sign out!  If we like your store, we will more than likely join!

4. Designers & Bloggers: Spam. Spam. Spam.

Stop telling us three times about your new release.  Tell us once.  Stop telling us about your blog entry more than once. If we like your blog we will more than likely go to it and see the new entry.  This is one “please stop it” moments that I am completely guilty of.  I tend to let people know numerous times about new releases at my store, or mention a blog entry a few more times than I should.  I’ll try my best to work on this, and you should too!  I’ve noticed it’s especially common in update groups.  We got the 1st one! We don’t need a handful more!

5. Bloggers: Begging.

Let me tell you something I’ve learned.  The less you beg, and the harder you work as a blogger in Second Life, the more respect you gain.  This may or may not be a lesson I’ve learned the hard way a few times! ;) Designers have a poor view of bloggers, often times because many bloggers take to begging.  Do not pester a designer about free items.  Read their policies.  If they say they aren’t looking for bloggers then guess what?  They aren’t looking for bloggers!  Also, if you like the item so much, SUPPORT the SL economy and SUPPORT the designers you love by buying their items!  A small purchase can go a long way not only for the grid but also many businesses in Second Life.  Quit begging!! My own personal policy is that I do not contact a designer unless they ASK to be contacted.  Even then I often times shy away from contacting anyone simply because I’m not comfortable with it.  I’m just always flattered and humbled is a designer scouts me out first.  Just remember…No is no.  Don’t take it personally.

 6. Designers: Photos with products.

One thing that not only helps bloggers but also consumers is when a designer includes an ad/photo of the product purchased.  Often times we hold onto these and when in a hurry can look at one to identify which of the eighty little black dresses in our inventory we are searching for.  This is also huge for bloggers as we more than likely only blog items we enjoy, and if you pass us a box without an ad/photo of the item we may be too busy at the moment to try the item on.  I am guilty of this.  I have passed up review copies quite a few times because I just do not have the time to take off what i’m wearing to try on the other item.  Sounds really trivial, but when you have a handful to sort through it’s a HUGE convenience.  We, as bloggers & consumers appreciate it so much.

 7. Designers & Bloggers: Store abbreviations.

Okay. Guilty as charged with this one!  It may even be something I don’t change, but it was brought up as a very good point on plurk.  When you abbreviate your store name on your products, it can make it a HUGE hassle to find an item using search in inventory.  A good example is my own store.  Honey, I’m Home! we often times abbreviate to [HiH] to keep it short and simple.  I’ve never really realized how hard this can be to search for when people don’t remember the abbreviation we’ve set.  Even though I’m guilty of this, I know it’s a really great point, and something to consider! As for bloggers, when you credit your items it is probably wise to not use abbreviations and use the full store name instead!  Even if the designer has it listed as an abbreviation try and use the full name.  This too is also something I will try and be better with.

8. Designers: No copy boxes with copy items.

If you have a copiable item and put it in a no copy box it can be a frustration for some consumers & bloggers.  Many of us love to keep our inventory count down and sometimes keeping things boxed up in the box it came in can help with that. If the item is copy, make the packaging copy too! Pretty please?

9. Designers: Don’t forget your VIP groups!

This is especially important if you charge a fee to join.  I know I’ve been in countless VIP groups who don’t send out group gifts for months and months.  It’s so important to keep in touch with your customer base. Especially if they’ve been loyal enough to join your group and stay in it.  If you are swamped one month and just don’t have a time to get something out, send a nice message.  It goes a lot farther than you realize.

10. Designers: Going out of business sales.

This one I see happen a lot.  We understand that sometimes, since we are human, minds are changed and we decide to re-open, but often times this happens with repeat offenders.  Do not trick your customers.  If you are going out of business and you have a big goodbye sale, make sure you actually are staying out of business.  Loyal fans of your work will often times spend a great deal of money at your leaving sales, and when you come back suddenly, trust is often times broken.  If you think you may be coming back then call it a “Hiatus sale” or something similar.  Explain clearly to your consumers that you may be coming back but that real life is just a bit overwhelming right now!

11. Bloggers: Read review copy NCs.

Often times bloggers won’t read the NCs that designers send out about their products.  When this happens, crucial information that was supposed to be explained in the blog entry doesn’t get mentioned.  This can be a huge hassle and frustration for not only the designers, but people who read your blog.  I will admit, sometimes I am guilty of this.  I will bypass an NC and find out later I missed mentioning that the shoes have a HUD or that the item is only available for a specific amount of time.

 12. Designers: Arrival Spam.

I cannot tell you how obnoxious it is when we land at your store and we are given…. a greeter, an LM, a subscriber offer, an NC explaining your policies, an NC about the land and what you should take off before shopping, etc…etc…etc.. Please. Put a little table in your store with items we can click to get all of these.  If we want them we will hunt them out.  We are also very capable of creating an LM on our own.

13. Designers & Bloggers: Product representation.  

We really hate it when we buy a product or see a product on a blog and go “OH MY GOSH! THAT’S FLAWLESS!” and then we buy it in world and it looks nothing like the vendor ad or the blogger photo.  Designers! Please do not use render programs or PS the heck out of your products.  Be honest with us.  We are going to find out anyway if it looks good or not, and is that a reputation you want?  Bloggers!  If you PS your images explain so somewhere on your blog and in specific posts if something is dynamically different let us know!  I PS my photos and I try hard to let people know.  I may fall short in some posts, but it’s something that’s really important to remember.

 14. Bloggers: Review Copy Bragging

Now let me be clear here.  There is a huge difference between subtly noting that you got an item as a review copy (there are some laws that require bloggers to take note on items they did not purchase. Not entirely sure on the laws, but many subtly note review copies in their credits to be safe), and bragging to everyone.  Don’t go on and on in your blog entry about how so and so designer gave this item to you for free because you are oh so special!  One, it makes you look petty.  Two, it can actually hurt the designer because other bloggers race off to ask for free copies and result in…eww…begging. Be humble and be coy about your review copies.  No one likes a snobby blogger. (and if I’ve been snobby, I sure hope I take this lesson to heart and behave myself!)

15. Designers: New Items. Put them where we can see!

It’s so convenient and awesome when designers put their new items up front and clearly marked as new so we know you have new products.  It’s going to end up hurting you if you hide your new stuff throughout the store and not make it clear that you have new items.  We may never see/find it!

16. Designers: Changing the design of your store often.

This I am also guilty of. My old skybox store Altitude, as well as Honey, I’m Home! that we’ve only had for a few months has changed twice already.  It’s important for stores to stay similar for long periods of time.  If you change things constantly it can be a huge hassle to find items, etc… Having a brand and a familiar place for us to shop can be really beneficial…and on that I’m making a mental note to not make any new changes to Noel and I’s store anytime soon! ;)

17. Designers: Stop Charging for Demos.

This is just silly.  Really are you going to make that much of a profit off of a one linden demo? It’s an inconvenience for shoppers, and genuinely kinda makes the designer look a bit bad IMO.

18. Designers & Bloggers: Snotty profiles.

This I see more and more in SL and it’s such a turn off.  A designer who says “Don’t do this this this and this.”  Instead, how about you list the ways we CAN contact you.  Wording is key. So are manners.  If I see a designer’s profile that is filled with “Ugh seriously stop doing this or that… and I’m too busy for you!” I’m going to more than likely not shop at your store.  The way you represent yourself professionally and kindly are so important in my eyes, as well as the eyes of others.  There is a way to state your policies in a positive way.  This goes for bloggers too.  Stop with the bratty profiles!  You don’t walk into a store in real life and see nasty signs put up all over the place….and if you do…would you really want to shop there?

19. Designers: Customer Service.

As blogger/designer Sixx Yangtz said “Don’t belittle me.” Just because you design beautiful things in Second Life doesn’t make you any better than those who loyally purchase your items.  If you aren’t a people person, find a customer service rep to handle your customer service issues. Also, get back to your customers. Give us ways to reach you. Please! We spend money on your items and sometimes issues come up!  I see more and more bad customer service in Second Life lately than I ever had before.  Thank you to all those designers out there who DO put their customers first.

20. Designers: Landing spots & Search.

Lately I’ve noticed an increasing number of landing spots being below floors, or 100 meters from a store point.  Make your landing spots in a correct and clear location or we may never find your business!  Also please make sure you are listed in search.  This is so important for finding a store when we don’t specifically know a creators name.


And with that I leave you with 20 “Please stop doing that” topics!  Please feel free to comment and add your own.  If you disagree on some of these please feel free to comment too!  Thanks to all my plurkies for your advice/opinions on what to add to this post! <3


21. Bloggers: Put effort into your blog and your avatar.

As designer Tyr Rozenblum stated, it’s incredibly important to put effort into not only your blog but your appearance.  An avatar is “a canvas for our pieces” as she stated and it’s really important to have an avatar with a great appearance.  Why would a designer trust you with their designs if you never put the effort into your avatar in the first place?  Not only your avatar but your blog as well.  A well done blog merits a lot more credit than one that screams laziness.

 22. Bloggers:  Check NC ownership.

Make sure you are checking the NC you are sending to make sure your name is on the properties tab.  Designers have said that often times they get an NC and it’s one that’s been edited with someone elses name as ownership.  This is really important and it’s a careless mistake that can be fixed easily.  Something, I to, also need to make sure i’m checking.

23. Bloggers: Make it personal.

If you are a blogger who asks for review copies (and have CLEARLY checked the designers policies, information, and if they are looking for bloggers) don’t just send a generic NC.  Make your NC personal with the designers name, information that you are knowledgeable in their products etc.  It’s probably offensive for designers to get spammed with impersonal “give me stuff” NCs!

24. Bloggers: Stop being greedy.

Again, if you are a blogger who asks for review copies (and read through the designers policies carefully) don’t be greedy!  If you send a whole shopping list instead of a few select items your request more than likely will be an annoyance.  A designer will more than likely be a lot more flattered if you ask for one or two specific items that may go together, and also explain personally why you love the items so much.  Greedy is bad! (unless it’s that awesome dice game in SL! ;) )

25. Bloggers: Keep it presentable. 

This goes for not only your photos but also your blog overall.  A clean and simple blog out beats a cluttered, ugly, busy background blog any day of the week.  Simple and professional will score you a lot of points, as will high resolution photos.  Even if you don’t have great graphics you can still get some decent high resolution shots.  A great tutorial for this can be found on Strawberry Singh’s blog.