Nov 13, 2012

November Nest

I thought I’d be able to stick with just one house for the autumn season but it appears I just could not help myself!  I’ve made myself a new little nest for the month of November.  At the current moment I plan on keeping this one for quite a while as it’s my favorite home I’ve done to date!  The house is from BBQQ and I’ve modded it extensively.  I had fun shifting walls, creating new walls, and all sorts of things.  I’m so appreciative of designers who make their beautiful architectural creations mod, so that we can put our own twist on our dwellings!  For everything featured see the credits between each pic:


Bed: Cheeky Pea | Isla Gealach – Sweetwater Whitewashed Bed

Art: Apple Fall | Apple Fall – CATHEDRAL Frame

Chandelier: The Loft | Colleen Desmoulins – Wooden Chandelier


Cabinet: Zigana | Nalena Fairey – Apothecary cabinet

Boots: Surf Co | Emma Gilmour – Olea Boots – Worn

Candles: Mudhoney | Rayvn Hynes – Creamy Caramel Pumpkin, Bean, & Golden Apple Orchard Candles

Planter: Cheeky Pea | Isla Gealach – Sweetwater Cacti Terrarium

Notebook: What Next | Winter Thorn – Blogger Book & Pen

Bear: Fatewear | Damien Fate – Friendship Bear (he’s free!! & copy/ trans!!)

Art: PILOT | Kaz Nayar – Magon Art Collection


Console: Cheeky Pea | Isla Gealach – Sweetwater Console Table

Vases: Cheeky Pea | Isla Gealach – Sweetwater Vases

Cup: Atelier Kreslo | Anya Ohmai – To Go Cup

Books: floorplan | Tegan Serin – Jane Eyre & The Philosophers Stone Books

Bottom Left:

Notebook: What Next | Winter Thorn – Blogger Book & Pen

Bear: Fatewear | Damien Fate – Friendship Bear (he’s free!! & copy/ trans!!)

Bottom Right:

Desk: Cheeky Pea | Isla Gealach – Alla Desk

Laptop: Apple Fall | Apple Fall – iFall Notebook

Cup: Love Soul | Bluestarrui Villota – Cup of Noodles – Open

Crayons: R(S)W | Robin Sojourner – Crayon Box – 48 colors

Top Left:

Pictures: Vespertine | Amelie Knelstrom – Silent Memories Frames

Top Right:

Chair: Dutchie | Froukje Hoorenbeek – Male Dom Chair

Plant: Artilleri | Antonia Marat –  Lucky leafy

Trunk: What Next | Winter Thorn – Mayfair Trunk – Brown

Tray: What Next | Winter Thorn – Rise & Shine Coffee Tray


Chair: PILOT | Kaz Nayar –  Larkin Set – Hanging Chair 2

Sofa: What Next | Winter Thorn – Charlotte Sofa – Mocha

Rug: DIGS | Iris Maskelyne – Zahra Rug

Vase: PILOT | Kaz Nayar – Larkin Set – Vase

Case: PILOT | Kaz Nayar – Larkin Set – Display Case

Planter: PILOT | Kaz Nayar –  Larkin Set – Cactus Planter

Mirror: Cheeky Pea | Isla Gealach –  Sweetwater Mirror

Table: PILOT | Kaz Nayar – Murrow Table

Art: DIGS |  Iris Maskelyne –  Dwight Pictures


Nov 10, 2012

Tutorial: The Fog Effect

Lately I’ve been very curious about the foggy effect that a variety of people have been using on their SL photographs.  One person in particular is a master at these beautiful foggy photographs.  If you haven’t seen the lovely and talented Aria Christen’s blog then you are certainly missing out.  Her photographs, her style, just everything she does is classy and beautiful.  It’s currently one of my favorite blogs to sneak a peek at, and I find myself continuing to go back to see what new stuff she’s added.  Miss Christen’s photos often times have this stunning foggy appearance, and while i’m unsure how she goes about doing her own photographs, I decided to set out to learn how to make some of my own foggy!  I thought I would share with you the way I went about adding a “foggy” effect to my own pictures, so here is how! (This is terribly easy btw…and i’m using CS3)

This above was my raw shot.  Then I cropped, and cleaned it up a bit. Nothing too major.

Step One

After you’ve done the rest of your editing and gotten your photo to where you want it in Photoshop create a new layer.  (Layer > New > Layer)

Step Two: 

Use the paint bucket tool and fill the new layer with white.  Set your opacity on your layer to somewhere between 80 – 95%.  Really depends on how strong you want your fog to be.

Step Three:

Now create a mask layer.  Go up to Select > Load Selection.   Then go to Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal All. Then hit CTRL + D.

Step Four: 

Now select your gradient tool (click and hold down on the paint bucket for the gradient tool to pop up).  Use the linear black and white option, draw your line across the pic and let go.  You should then have a large amount of “fog” on your pic.  I played around drawing the gradient linear line different ways.  Experiment and see what you come up with!

Step Five:

You can then take your eraser and play around with different opacity selections and erase areas to make it less dense fog in spots.

Here is my final image.  It’s certainly nothing special, and I’m sure with practice I can be far better at it.  I do hope you have fun playing with the fog effect like I have, and thank you again to Miss Christen for her unknowing inspiration!


Skin: League | Nena Janus – Isla – Medium

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede – Reflection

Hair: TRUTH | Truth Hawks – Cyanne – Marmalade

Top: Cynful | Cynthia Ultsch – V Top – Brown

Necklace: KOSH | Lynaja Bade – Chopper Necklace

Pants: Auxiliary | Tyr Rozenblum – Belted Bells – Antique (available at Collabor88)

Pose: Marukin | Valencia Southard (available at Collabor88)

Location: Sunshine Mist




Nov 8, 2012

Doll Face

This round of Collabor88 has just blown me away.  The colors… the themes… everything.  Just everything is perfect.  Nearly every single item I’m wearing can be found at this month’s Collabor88.  The new round opened today and it’s filled with such wonderful treasures.

Glam Affair has released a lovely version of Roza for you to snatch up at this month’s round.  This skin reminds me of a doll’s face.  It’s so delicate and has an almost frosted appearance to it.  At the bottom of this post I’ve put up a raw, close up shot of Roza’s face.  Isn’t it beautiful?  To go along with my beautiful skin I am also wearing a long, mesh sweater release from Glam Affair.  This too can also be found at Collabor88.

I paired two different designer’s jewelry together for this post.  Both can also be found at Collabor88.  My necklace comes from Lagyo, and my pretty ring set was created by Yummy.  The gorgeous long hairstyle comes from Clawtooth at the event this month.  They have released two different long styles.  One with bangs and one without.  I love the striking red hues that Clawtooth creates.  They are always so vibrant and beautiful!

Everything else seen has been credited countless times in previous posts.  My pose comes from Adorkable and you can pick it up at her mainstore.

Raw shot of Roza:


Nov 7, 2012

Painted Desert

The newest round of Collabor88 is just around the corner (it opens tomorrow!), and this month’s colors and theme is just beautiful.  Everything has this neutral, beautiful and natural feel to it.

Barnesworth Anubis will be releasing a stunning skybox oasis featuring a pretty fountain and perfect little sitting area.  Tropical trees are included and it also has animated doors in case you do want to sit it on the ground.  I’m keeping this out on my sim for those moments where I need a perfect little escape.  It’s a nice little tropical oasis for those cold winter months!

The Sea Hole will as usual be gracing it’s presence at Collabor88.  This month is featuring one of my favorites from The Sea Hole yet!  This mesh skirt and bodysuit are just beautiful.  I’m wearing the bodysuit and skirt in the tone called “Dusty”, and paired the ensemble with the brand new boots from Baiastice.  I love how these boots come above the knee,  and come in a whole array of colors.

I am certain i’ll be featuring all sorts of new items in the coming month from Collabor88 so stay tuned!


Skin: League | Nena Janus – Isla – Medium

Hands: SLink | Siddean Munro – Mesh Hands

Hair: TRUTH | Truth Hawks – Sara – Marmalade w/Roots

Ring: Donna Flora | Squinternet Larnia – Anastasia Ring

Outfit: The Sea Hole | Drinkinstein Sorbet - Painted Desert – Dusty (available at Collabor88)

Boots: Baiastice | Sissy Pessoa – Knee Platform Stretch Boots

Skybox: Barnesworth Anubis | Barnesworth Anubis – Marrakesh Oasis (available at Collabor88)

Pose: !Bang | Trieste Minuet



Nov 6, 2012


Gonna keep this short and sweet today….because let’s be honest.  None of you read my blog to begin with.  Y’all CERTAINLY won’t be reading it with the election taking place!  Everyone’s eyes are on all the projections and polls!  I’m having fun watching all the hype surrounding it, but quite honestly I’m quite torn regardless of who wins or loses.

Lots of really cute things to show off.  Many items are from this round of FaMESHed.  I enjoyed exploring their new and beautiful location.  The entire area is worth checking out while you shop.


Skin: League | Nena Janus – Isla – Medium

Hair: TRUTH | Truth Hawks – Dolly – Marmalade w/Roots

Outfit: Valentina E. Couture | valentinaevangelista - Cadet Set – Westpoint (available at FaMESHed)

Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer | Maxi Gossamer – Sante Fe Set (available at FaMESHed)

Boots: Kookie | Kookie Lemon – Dirty Muse Boots

Hands: SLink | Siddean Munro – Mesh Hands

Pose: Embody | Lucie Bluebird & Radagast Lexington

Location: Thinc

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