Mar 3, 2012

Whore Couture Festival

Another event has made it’s presence here in the Second Life Community.  The Whore Couture Festival is taking place from March 1st through the 31st and features the “best in whore wear”.  If you’ve ever felt like bringing out that wild, skanky side of yours, then now is your chance!  The designer list is expansive and features some great stores, as well as a few I’ve yet to check out before.  The sim is packed with sexy, sleazy, and whore inspired fashion’s to fit a variety of tastes.

I’m wearing the beautifully designed Tortura Dress from Cracked Mirror.  You can find this sexy dress at the festival!  I love the lace, and transparent areas featured on this.  It’s certainly edgy, well made, and something that would go perfect with your sexiest kitten heels.

Make sure you take some time to check out the Whore Couture Festival because there is so much to choose from, as well as a few surprising items that you just may fall in love with.


Skin: Belleza – Alyson – 0

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes – Hazy Rainshower

Lashes: Lelutka – 2011/Curl

Hair: Magika – Capture – 01

Makeup: Mock Cosmetics – Coral Lipstain

Necklace: HoD – Forgiveness

Dress: Cracked Mirror – Tortura Dress – Burgundy

Pose: oOo Studio

Mar 1, 2012

Donna Flora

I would first like to start this post off by telling you simply how in awe I am of the talent that Squinternet Larnia possesses.  I’ve always enjoyed Squinternet’s store Donna Flora, but never truly took the time to wander the rooms and soak in everything the place has to offer.

I have truly never seen so many amazingly beautiful, unique, and eye catching jewelry pieces all in one room.  Her creations radiate charisma, class, and charm.  So many different styles, colors, jewels, and more line the walls of this great store.  Not only does Donna Flora offer gorgeous jewelry, but striking apparel as well.

This stunning dress is just one of the amazing creations that Miss Larnia has come up with.  I paired it with one of her detailed necklaces, and I truly feel fit to be a queen.

Squinternet, thank you so much for creating such beautifully crafted items here in Second Life.  So many of us are in awe of your talent! I know I certainly look forward to so many more lovely creations to come at Donna Flora.


Skin: Belleza – Alyson

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes – Hazy Rainshower

Lashes: Lelutka – 2011/Curl

Hair: Elikatira – Details – Red 05

Necklace: Donna Flora – Amarcord Ruby Necklace

Dress: Donna Flora – Faith – Plum

Pose: Adorkable


Feb 29, 2012

The Looking Glass

I love when I’ve found a new place that I haven’t been to before in Second Life.  The grid is littered with fascinating little corners to explore, people to meet, and things to do.  That’s how I felt when I stepped into The Looking Glass.

The sim boasts a variety of photogenic spots, live music, poetry readings, home & garden items, and much more.  I absolutely loved this makeshift bar/cafe spot set up perfectly for photos.  Cozy little cafe tables line the sidewalk, illuminated by glowing street lamps, giving the sense that you are surrounded by a fantastic town that is brimming with life.  The architecture is intriguing, unique, and features styles from gothic to steam punk.  I really had a whole lot of fun wandering around this sim!

While wandering the streets of The Looking Glass, I was almost entirely decked out in items from the store PRISS.  This store is small, but seems to have quite a bit to offer.  One thing that really stands out about the items from PRISS is the texture work.  Everything has this soft, feminine look which I absolutely adore.  I believe this is one of the first times i’ve featured items from there.

I absolutely love the mesh skirt i’m wearing.  It comes in a variety of sizes, but I will warn you that there is not a demo available so buy at your own risk.  A friend of mine said the skirt did not fit her quite right, but I personally had great luck and it fit my avatar almost flawlessly.

My top is also from PRISS.  The flowers took a little bit of individual adjusting to fit on my shoulder correctly, but it wasn’t too much of a problem.  They are lovely an add so much to the entire ensemble.  The clutch I am accessorizing with also comes from PRISS.

Lastly, i’d like to point out the pose I’m using as it was really useful.  Adorkable Poses released a set of static poses that cater to the use of handbags/clutches.  I just absolutely love that she thinks of these things and continues to put out items that are so suitable for photographers/bloggers.  It’s definitely a pose pack worth spending lindens on.


Skin: Belleza – Alyson – 0

Hair: Elikatira – Details – Red 05 (I’ve tinted it slightly darker)

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes – Hazy Rainshower (mesh)

Lashes: Lelutka – 2011 – Lashes/Curl

Top: PRISS – Flowered Tank – Brown

Skirt: PRISS – Lee Skirt – Vintage White

Clutch: PRISS – Lem Clutch – Nude

Pose: Adorkable

Location: The Looking Glass

Feb 28, 2012

POLL: How Often do you Change Skins?

I’m curious how much of a “skin whore” you are in Second Life!  Do you change your skin on a daily basis, or are you the type that wants to look consistent here in this virtual world?  For me personally I have a staple skin that I change pretty rarely, but I will switch to other skins I like for either events, blogging purposes, etc… but I always go back to my favorite skin it seems!

Thanks for participating! Feel free to comment!

Feb 27, 2012


The color purple inspires royalty, magic, and mystery in anyone who chooses to use it.  It’s a color that I personally am very fond of, and I had quite a bit of fun putting this simple little ensemble together.  Just an uncomplicated fashion post for y’all today my friends! All of my credits are listed below.  I hope you are each having a really wonderful start to your week! Make Monday count!


Skin: Belleza – Alyson – 0

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes – Hazy Rainshower (mesh)

Lashes: Lelutka – 2011/Curl

Hair: Elikatira – Pretend – Red 05

Necklace: Concrete Flowers – Winged Heart Necklace

Top: Nemesis – Peace Top – Phlox

Shorts: Mon Tissu – Greta – Used

Pose: Exposeur