Apr 30, 2012


I had a lot of fun putting this outfit together.  I’ve been so swamped and busy with other work the last few days, that just having some down time to play dress up was quite enjoyable!  These adorable chinos are from Toki-Doki! I’ll be honest, the shape of these isn’t “me” and really doesn’t make my look like my normal bubble butt self, but they were so cute I just didn’t care!  The texturing work and rigging on them is lovely, and the little cuffs at the bottom are great.  So regardless of the change in my shape to wear them, it was entirely worth it.  They come in quite a handful of colors as well including some other neutrals, as well as fun summery colors!

These heels I believe have been out for a while now, but I swung by and picked myself up a pair.  They are from Celoe and I’m so glad I got them in the color I did.  I can match these with nearly anything.  The realism these mesh heels have is also pretty incredible.  They look so much like a real pair you’d find sitting in your closet.

I think those are the main things I wanted to point out in this post… keep in mind that Tya Fallingbridge’s sim, and her beloved T Town will be opening most likely sometime tonight!  I took this pic on the sim, and let me tell you…it’s absolutely awesome.  So much hard work went into making a great place for you all the explore and photograph, and I’m so excited to finally be able to provide you all with a SLurl soon!

Have a great Monday!


Skin: Glam Affair | Aida Ewing – Leah – Natural

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede – Gem- Light Teal

Lashes: Beetlebones | Suetabulous Yootz – Dollface (mesh) – Black

Hair: TRUTH | Truth Hawks - Georgina – Carrot w/ Roots

Freckles: L. Fauna | Launa Fauna – Extra Freckles – Dark

Bracelet: Nemesis | Calypso Clip – Power Bangles – Bronze

Top: JANE | Janie Marlowe – Flocked & Floral – Coffee

Pants: Toki-Doki | Maya Levane – Rolled Chinos – Brown

Shoes: Celoe | JadenArt – Zoe Pumps – Domino

Pose: Evolve | BellaStarr Fhang

Location: Pixel Dreams 



Apr 28, 2012


One of my favorite things in Second Life is discovering new stores that hold a lot of promise.  That’s how I felt when I was introduced to Mayaa Thistle’s store {bilo}.  All of her beautiful mesh items are made with an eclectic and ethnic appeal and are filled with great texture work, high quality design, and fantastic color hues.  The Salma dress above is one of many great items that can be found at {bilo}.  I am wearing it in purple, but you can also find the beautiful creation in Olive brown, black, blue, green, and pink wine.

I paired the beautiful purple dress with the new release from KOSH.  Lynaja Bade released a variety of eyeshadow pack! Kenos is my favorite, and the plum color was just divine.  It’s a great dramatic effect for any outfit.

Short and sweet post today! Check out the credits for the rest of my apparel! <3


Skin: Glam Affair | Aida Ewing – Leah – Natural

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede – Gem- Light Teal

Lashes: Beetlebones | Suetabulous Yootz – Dollface (mesh) – Black

Eyeshadow: KOSH | Lynaja Bade – Kenos Eyeshadow – Plum

Hair: TRUTH | Truth Hawks - Eden – Copper

Freckles: L. Fauna | Launa Fauna – Extra Freckles – Dark

Nails: Leverocci | Jin Elfan – Round Nails – Purple Plain

Earrings: Magic Nook | Ayumi Cassini – Music Earring – Silver

Dress: {bilo} | Mayaa Thistle – Salma Dress – Purple

Pose: !Bang | Trieste Minuet



Apr 27, 2012


I absolutely had a blast playing with these new poses from Bounce This!  They are a whole series of jumping/falling static poses that are perfect for if you want to look like you are playing chicken along the edge of a bridge or jumping from a tall building.  You can find these poses at the final days of the pose fair.

My top is from the new store One Bad Pixel.  I think it’s my favorite “sexy” top I’ve worn in a long time.  It’s mesh, contours to my body perfectly and has great texture work.  One Bad Pixel has also been one of the first people to release mesh panties/lingerie.  It wasn’t totally my thing, as I haven’t jumped on board the mesh undies wagon yet, but the quality of the item was great.  If you are looking for some sexy tops or some new mesh lingerie definitely check it out.

Lastly, I wanted to mention the sim I’m on right now.  Tya Fallingbridge, owner of Pixel Mode, will be reopening her sim hopefully this weekend to the public.  Many of you Second Lifers who have been around a while may remember her sim “T Town”.  Beautiful wheat fields, lovely trees, covered bridges, horses, and more.  It was one of my favorite sims in SL and pretty soon she will open an upgraded and recreated version of the sim.  I am certain you will all find it absolutely beautiful.

Have a happy weekend!


Skin: Glam Affair | Aida Ewing – Leah – Natural

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede – Gem- Light Teal

Lashes: Beetlebones | Suetabulous Yootz – Dollface (mesh) – Black

Hair: TRUTH | Truth Hawks - Anastasia – Carrot

Freckles: L. Fauna | Launa Fauna – Extra Freckles – Dark

Bracelet| League | Nena Janus – Wanderer Wood Medley

Top: One Bad Pixel | Siddean Munro – Glomesh Halter – Cream

Jeans: Maitreya | Onyx LeShelle – Mesh Zipper Skinny Jeans – #2

Shoes: Pixel Mode | Tya Fallingbridge – Fae Wedge – Khaki

Pose: Bounce This! | Bouncer Criss

Location: Pixel Dreams (not open to public yet)



Apr 26, 2012

Business Man

It seems like lately men’s mesh is really starting to stake its claim in the Second Life fashion community, and I know I couldn’t be happier about it.  It’s so nice to start seeing men wearing quality mesh items, and I’m not going to lie, the eye candy is quite enjoyable! I really want to start incorporating more men’s fashion into my blog, and it will be much easier to accomplish with more great items being released.

I snagged my man Ark and asked him to throw on some of his new items he’s recently purchased.  Doesn’t he look handsome?  He looks like quite the business man.  Hoorenbeek has released some great mesh business shirts with texture/color change ties as accessories.  They look fantastic on.  Ark picked up the shirt in a few colors including white and black, and the tie had some great color options.  The mesh pants Ark is wearing in the photo above are also from Hoorenbeek.  Classy and sophisticated!

Keep an eye out, as I will be featuring a lot more men’s items in the coming months.  I know there are also a few quality men’s fashion events coming up as well.


Eyes: LL- PC Shallow Water

Skin: Belleza- Ashton

Hair: Raw House- AdamGlasses: Gos- SCT

Pants: Hoorenbeek- Mesh Pants (beige)

Shirt: Hoorenbeek- Mesh Dressing Shirts with Ties- Black

Shoes: HOC- Easy Striders (Viewer 2)

Apr 25, 2012

Mayfair Lazies

So yeah… my photo? Totally doesn’t make any sense at all to be sitting in the middle of a street but I couldn’t help myself! I loved these old cars on the Mayfair Sim and I absolutely loved this pose from !Bang.  Now that my 6 year old noob self figured out how to use the height offset tools I have been more inclined to use poses like this.  Took me long enough eh?

I played around on the Exodus Viewer to take this photo.  I must say, the critiques about this viewer being one of the best for photos are pretty spot on.  My images have a crisper more detailed look to them.  As for lines though I sadly still had quite a few I had to attempt to hide from this image, as well as some sudden tone shifts which were troublesome, and still very noticeable in the image if you look closely.  Overall though, the viewer takes some nice snapshots, and I just may try and use it more for images.

I’m wearing so much that I enjoy in the image above as well.  As you all know, I am not the most fashionable blogger in Second Life and piecing together random items to make outfits is a challenge for me.  Fashionista just doesn’t fit my vocabulary.  That being said, I did try to find some coordinating items to mix and match, and I love the summery and light hues I came up with.  I’m especially loving the little necklace from undefined lilies.  It’s a little teacup with a plant growing out of it! How unique and adorable is that?  The details on it are fantastic.  All credits can be found below!

Hope you all have had an awesome week so far!


Skin: Glam Affair | Aida Ewing – Leah – Natural

Hair: TRUTH | Truth Hawks - Rhonda – Carrot

Freckles: L. Fauna | Launa Fauna – Extra Freckles – Dark

Nails: Synthetique | Sara Dimitriaski – Ultimate French Series

Earrings: Magic Nook | Ayumi Cassini – Monday Morning Earrings – Gold

Top: Celoe | jadenart – jet sweater – Roti

Necklace: Undefined Lilies | Liliana Barrs – Mad Hatter – Gold/Mint

Pants: coldLogic | coldLogic – Capri – Lepore – Brown

Shoes: Pixel Mode | Tya Fallingbridge – Fae Wedge – White

Handbag: Mon Tissu | Anouk & Elie Spot – Sophmore Satchel – Glossy Cream

Pose: !Bang | Trieste Minuet

Location: Mayfair