Apr 24, 2012


My absolute favorite eye maker, Insufferable Dastard, just released a beautiful new style of eyes called Gem.  She has made a variety of colors to choose from, and I had the hardest time deciding which ones I wanted to start wearing on a regular basis.  I am wearing the light aqua in the image above.  They come with a system option and also a prim eye option.  I am wearing the prim eyes.

I’m also wearing new earrings from Magic Nook.  One thing I really love about Magic Nook is Ayumi’s ability to make unique styles here in Second Life.  I don’t own any earrings that look quite like this, and I feel I could throw these on with any outfit and they’d look great.  They come in a gold and silver option.

Lastly, I’m wearing the newest release from TRUTH.  It’s called Rhonda and it’s the perfect style to show off a great pair of earrings with.  I don’t have too many styles that show my ears off, so this will be a handy hair to have around for those occasions.  The headband is also a really great touch.

I’m going to leave it at that today!  My freckles, lashes, and skin I’ve credited in the numerous posts before this one, so I’m sure you all know where they are from! ;)  I’m so lazy sometimes!

Apr 23, 2012

Seaside Sprint

Look at me, once again running off to paradise to escape my landlocked reality!  I’m telling ya! I cannot get enough of the beachy sims lately.  I went today to visit sim Las Olas Azules.  This sim has scripting turned off so I had to do a little sim bouncing to find a pose I wanted to use in my pose HUD and then tp back in with that pose on.  A little tricky!  I also played around with some water splash brushes that I found on deviantart.com. DA is a great website for resources, inspiration, and stock images.  I really encourage you to check it out if you are looking for brush sets, textures, or anything of the sort.  I’ve never played with splash brushes before so this photo may look a bit odd.  Hopefully with some practice I will get better!

I’m finding I am becoming a mesh snob.  When I find an item in mesh, I box up the items I had previously that were similar and not mesh.  A good example?  These brand new mesh jean shorts from mon tissu.  I have now officially retired my old mon tissu jean shorts because of these.  They are absolutely perfect.  I was a little nervous about them, because the mesh jeans from mon tissu, while beautiful, don’t fit my shape appropriately.  These shorts though, fit flawlessly!

I paired them with a new release from JANE, which I should mention the owner, Janie Marlowe  has really fantastic customer service.  I had a failed delivery, and she got back to me politely and promptly.  I love to encourage people to shop at stores that not only have great quality products, but also kind, and respectable owners/designers.  This store hits that mark.

Have a great start to your week. <3


Skin: Glam Affair | Aida Ewing – Leah – Natural

Hair: Elikatira | Elikapeka Tiramisu – Over – Red 05 (mesh)

Freckles: L. Fauna | Launa Fauna – Extra Freckles – Dark

Necklace: Yummy | Polyester Partridge – Travelers Charms

Top: JANE | Janie Marlowe – fufu tutu tank – Turquoise (mesh)

Shorts: mon tissu | Anouk & Elie Spot – Cuffed Denim Shorts – Medium Wash (mesh)

Feet: SLink | Siddean Munro – Barefeet Mesh Flat

Pose: Adorkable | Adorkable Peapod

Location: Las Olas Azules


Apr 21, 2012


SL Fantasy Faire 2012 kicks off today at noon SLT with an amazing line up of live performers, DJs, and all the shopping you can handle!  The Fair benefits the American Cancer Society & Relay for Life, so all of your spending goes to a fantastic cause.  I am wearing a beautiful creation done by the lovely Ophelia Dayafter for her store Elysium.  This is one of many fantastic items that will be available starting today, April 21st at noon SLT until the 29th.

I know I’m looking forward to wandering the beautiful fantasy sims they have put together for this great cause, and I hope you are too!  Go and live out your fantasy & support the ACS & RFL!


Skin/Makeup: Glam Affair | Aida Ewing – Leah – Gray Skin

Hair: Elikatira | Elikapeka Tiramisu – Blind

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede – Shimmer – Blue

Outfit/Makeup: Elysium | Ophelia Dayafter – Cerridwen RFL Edition

Pose: !Bang | Trieste Minuet



Apr 20, 2012

Craving the Ocean

I think i’ve mentioned it in a few previous posts, but I am craving the ocean badly lately.  I want so desperately to feel the sand between my toes, hear the gulls singing in the ocean breeze, and watch the waves come crashing against the shoreline.  If I close my eyes, I can picture it momentarily. Thankfully, I’ve been able to escape to a few places in Second Life to at least have a fantasy moment and feel a little more connected to the ocean.

I recently posted about Las Arenas Rosadas.  If i’m not at The Pixel Bean, you can almost bet I’m here playing in the waves.  I know it’s sort of silly to blog a place so soon after blogging it previously, but I just can’t help myself.  Not to mention, I had this really great new bikini from Rezispa Loc that I wanted to show off.  This bikini was made for Luna Jubilee’s wonderful color challenge.  It’s seashell peach!  I love how delicate the pattern is on this swimsuit, and the way it rests and fits on my avatar.  It’s incredibly flattering.  I tend to be picky about my bikinis and the way they are cut, and this is one i’ll keep around in my inventory for playful days at the beach!

TRUTH has two new releases this week.  The one I am modeling above is mesh!  I can certainly appreciate simple styles like this sometimes, especially for casual affairs and events in SL. Now don’t mind me…I’m going to go off and dream of the ocean some more.


Skin: Glam Affair | Aida Ewing – Leah – Natural

Hair: TRUTH | Truth Hawks – Cassie – Carrot

Freckles: L. Fauna | Launa Fauna – Extra Freckles – Dark

Bracelet: Concrete Flowers | Lynaja Bade - Beach Bracelet

Bikini: Rezispa Loc | Rezipsa Luckstone – Seashell Peach Bikini

Pose: oOo Studio | Olaenka Chesnokov

Apr 18, 2012


“It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion.  It is easy in solitude to live after your own; but the great man is he who, in the midst of the world, keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hey everyone! I  just love that Emerson quote.  What a brilliant man he was.  I also really love these mesh eyelids from SLink.  I know you’ve seen them all over the place, and I have been slow to blog them, but I finally had the chance and they are fun!  They were rather big on me when I first put them on, and with some adjusting I think I got them to fit pretty decently.  They come in two options, and I am using the alpha option, which I personally thought blended better on me.  They tint very easily, and you can even tint them to make it look like you have colorful eyeshadow on!  I just love SLink products.  Even when completely broke, I still find ways to get over and buy the latest releases!  It’s completely worth it!

That’s all I have for you today! I hope everyone had a great Wednesday! You’ve made it half way through the busy work week! :)


Skin: Glam Affair | Aida Ewing – Leah – Natural

Hair: Elikatira | Elikapeka TiramisuMood – Carrot Reds

Freckles: L. Fauna | Launa Fauna – Extra Freckles – Dark

Eyelids: SLink | Siddean Munro – Mesh Eyelids