Dec 6, 2011

Old Town New England

I ventured over to one of my favorite sims recently! Innsmouth, which is an old coastal New England town that’s based off of the classic horror Lovecraft stories from forever ago.  This sim has been around for ages and it’s essentially in many ways become a classic sim on the Second Life Grid.  For how long ago everything was made the sim still holds up as one of the most well put together places around, and the atmosphere is just fantastic.

I love my casual little outfit I’ve put together for this post.  Emery was having a 50% off sale (Thank you Ana for letting me know about the sale!)  I think the sale may still be going on so hurry up and go grab some great items.  My oversized cardigan I am wearing is from there.  I had the hardest time deciding on a color, and I was so pleased with how easily this fit.  Very little adjusting was needed to cover my shape.

I really love these new boots from *Crazy* as well.  I stared at this from a long time debating on whether or not to buy them.  They were really affordable though and a great purchase.  I’m so glad I decided to add them to my shoe collection.  A shoe collection that seems to be growing very rapidly lately.

Elikatira just released new hair and this is by far my all time favorite that she has released.  It’s called “Quirky” and the name couldn’t be more fitting.  I saw the glasses in the ad for this hair and knew I also had to have them so I ran over to mon tissu and picked them up.  Instant new favorites as well!  My adorable envelope necklace is from Pididdle.  (I love the name of that store)  It’s quite unique and I think it’ll look great with a variety of fashion ensembles.

Lastly, I wanted to mention the 25 days of poses that Adorkable is doing.  Each day you can stop by the store and pick one one pose for free that she has so graciously set out for you to enjoy.  What a creative gift idea for customers!  I’ve so far seen the first 7 poses and I can tell you that they are darling!

On a totally separate personal note I ask you all for prayers today.  A guy I graduated from high school with sadly passed away last night.  He tragically had a lot going on in his life, and ended up taking his life to the surprise of all of those around him.  Please remember that life is short and to hold onto the important things and rid yourself of as much negativity as you can in your life.  Life is too precious and wonderful to not hold onto the special moments.  So please I ask for prayers for his family and friends, as this Holiday season will be a hard one for many.  Thank you so much.


Skin: Belleza – Alyson

Hair: Elikatira – Quirky – Red 05

Necklace: Piddidle – Envelope Necklace – Brass

Glasses: Mon Tissu – Four Corner Readers – Black

Tank: Riddle – Mini Lace Tank – Black

Cardigan: Emery – Oversized Cardigan – Carmin – Black

Jeans: Mon Tissu – Lou Lou – used

Boots: *Crazy* – Wedge Moscow Boots

Pose: Adorkable

Location: Innsmouth

Dec 5, 2011

Teal & Violet

As you can see from this photo above I’ve been having some issues with either my graphics card, or my viewer I’m using.  I’m pretty sure it’s the viewer as the problem seems to come and go but I’m not entirely sure.  My photos have been coming out blurrier than normal, lots of little lines on them, etc.  I tried to edit out as much as I could in this but the blur and fuzziness is something that’s hard to fix.  I really love the Firestorm viewer, and I was so excited about this official release they made but I seem to be having more problems with the official release than I did the beta.  Not sure what is up with that entirely, but hopefully I can work all the kinks out soon!  The weirdest part about it all is the unpredictable nature of the images.  Some come out beautifully, while others fuzzy and a bit off like the one above.  If anyone knows what I may be doing wrong to be getting these issues please let me know!

Even though the image is fuzzy, I hope you can see how adorable some of the items i’m showing off are.  Nemesis just released a whole new collection including this sexy dress as well as the tights I’m wearing.  These have become my new favorite tights/leggings in my inventory!  I absolutely love them!  The bracelet I’m wearing alongside the other two items is also part of the new collection at Nemesis.  The whole line is fantastic, and the store is HUGE.  If you are looking to add some quality items to your wardrobe definitely stop by.

Once again I’m wearing my ISON Girl Panic Boots.  If I could go to bed at night with these on I probably would.  I just love them.  My large handbag is from Hawthorne, and the best part about this bag is that it was a group gift!  Yay for freebies!  It comes with a resize script so you can make it slightly smaller or larger if needed.

Lastly, my funky make up that I’m wearing is from MOCK Cosmetics.  I’m really liking this store.  I was told by some fellow plurkers to check them out, and I’m certainly glad I did.  Lots of cute make up to spice up your apparel.

That’s it for today! Have an awesome start to your week!


Skin: Belleza – Alyson

Eyes: Fashism – Blue – Pale – Medium

Makeup: Mock Cosmetics – Basically Purple & Magenta Makeover

Hair: Truth – Lilia – Copper w/ roots

Dress: Nemesis – Sweetness Dress – Black

Bracelet: Nemesis – Muse Bracelet – Black

Tights: Nemesis – Wonder Tights – Orchid

Shoes: ISON – Girl Panic Boots – Black Studded

Bag: Hawthorne – Nostalgia Clutch – Mint (pose comes with the bag)

Dec 4, 2011

Dashing Through the Snow

I got an opportunity to spend a little time with my bestie, Mr. Remy Stringfellow the other day.  I’m pretty sure anyone that spends time with me wonders if I’m going to drag them onto a photo prop and make them take pictures, and sure enough I convinced him to “go sledding” with me.  He’s a great sport, and I am lucky to have a friend like him.  Not just for photos, but for all sorts of things.  It’s rare when such good people come into our lives, and he is one of the people who make my SL infinitely more joyful.

I wanted to blog this photo for a few reasons.  One, I’m really happy with how it turned out, but mostly I wanted to show off my new sled prop from !Bang.  I think !Bang has some of the best poses and props on the grid.  All of the items I have from there have always been so useful, and I think the quality and design of each is just perfect.  She also has a mistletoe prop that she just released available at the Christmas Market this year I think!

As for style credits for this post I credited this outfit I’m wearing in a post a few back.  My items come from a variety of places including d select, Reek, Truth and Belleza.  As for Remy, I was stupid and forgot to grab style credits from him.  I can tell you that his hair comes from Dura, and his skin is from Belleza.  The sweater he is wearing is from kal rau, and his shoes are from Urban Bomb Unit.  I wanna say the jeans come from Muism but I could be entirely wrong on that. His glasses are from Reek!

Way to go on credits there Har…way to go.

Dec 3, 2011

Outside of the Box

I’m having the best time “thinking outside the box” with my outfit choices lately.  The continual process of learning how to piece random items and accessories together to make an ensemble.  I can’t say I’m very good at it, but I am really enjoying myself in the process.

I ventured over to Virtual Decay again.  This sim is just so much fun to explore.  I found a pile of boxes, and knew it was the perfect spot to snap a photo.  There are so many great photo spots on that sim!  My outfit is a whole mix of items from all sorts of places.  I really love my new skirt from Tram.  The only thing that bothers me about it is the fact that it isn’t mod.  I had to hike the already high waist skirt up quite a bit more so that it covered my butt and hips.  I don’t think it looks bad though, and it went really nicely with my new tights from Nemesis.  I’m wearing my boots from ISON again that I picked up from Vintage Fair 2011.  You are going to see these boots a LOT in posts to come. I love them! My jewelry is all new and it is from Yummy which can be found where Nylon Outfitters is located on the Tableau sim.  That sim is just awesome as well.  I think I’ll venture over and use it for a photo location soon.

My jacket is from The Boutique.  I’ve had a lot of people asking me about this store and where they are location and quite honestly I couldn’t tell you.  I picked up items from the new store at The Warehouse Sale last weekend.  I think the store is opening soon?  If someone knows and wants to comment on this post and explain that situation that’d be amazing.  I really have zero clue who officially owns the store, or where they will be or are already located.

Happy Saturday!


Skin: Belleza – Alyson

Hair: Elikatira – Rumor – Red 05

Earrings: Yummy – Floral Dangle Earrings – Gold

Necklace: Yummy – Travelers Charms

Bodysuit - Epoque – Strapless One Piece – Nude

Jacket: The Boutique – Seam Detail Lambskin Jacket – Ocean

Tights: Nemesis – Wonder Tights – Black

Skirt: Tram – Chiffon Skirt – Black

Boots: ISON – Girl Panic Boots – Black Studded

Pose: I can’t remember! Ack! If you know which pose this is let me know! Sorry!!

Location: Virtual Decay

Dec 2, 2011

Avatar Spotlight: Anabelle Viper

I always have such a great time doing avatar spotlights on my blog.  I’ve only done a handful, but each time I do a new one my appreciation for the Second Life community grows immensely.  Recently, I got a chance to ask my friend Anabelle Viper to be my next spotlight victim and she graciously agreed!

As many of you know I have been trying to amp up my fashion a bit.  Learn how to layer better, piece different items together better, and overall just have more fun with my wardrobe.  Ana has been a huge inspiration and help in trying to accomplish this new goal.  She has an impeccable way of piecing various items together to make an overall fantastic ensemble.  I like to consider Ana a fashionista without all the bitchy attached.  She is stylish, beautiful, and incredibly creative, but also one of the nicest and kindest people you will come across in the Second Life community.  Ana is an absolute doll! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her and her friends better over the past many weeks.

Below I have listed her style credits in the above photo.  As you can see she has a great sense of color and depth within her wardrobe.  Thank you so much Ana for being my most recent Avatar in the spotlight! :)


Skin: the boy co. Orchid (Ivory)
Hair: Clawtooth: Glass Birds- Red eye flight
Jacket: The Boutique- Seam Detail Lambskin Jacket- Violet
Shirt: -tb- Ciao Baby dress (shirt layer only)
Skirt: The Boutique- Crocodile Suede Skirt- Black
Shoes: ISON – girl panic boots (black)
Purse: The Boutique- Zipper Detail Purse- Brown
Tights: *Sheer* Tights 32 Contrast Black
Sunglasses: Reek- Park Shades
Watch: [DDL] BitterSweet
Necklace 1: (Yummy) Creator Charms- Gold Shears
Necklace 2: *League* Vintage Heart Necklace
Makeup: the body co. Orchid- lipstick (classic)
Teeth: [PXL] Mouth _open_addon
Pose: *CASHMERE*Bored Diva Stand4