Feb 23, 2012

Time Traveling Friends

One of my absolute favorite things to do in Second Life is themed parties with my friends.  One of the most popular themes always comes down to the 80s.  What is more fun than throwing on your favorite leg warmers, finding your most ridiculous apparel, and teasing your hair to all heights?

Bright colors, awesome tunes, a fun wardrobe, and great friends made for a fabulous night on the grid!  We had all sorts of people come by for our fun party in this highly electric club, but I made sure to snag Devun Seorn, Tyr Rozenblum, and my man Arkansas Sorbet for a quick snapshot before the fun began!

Thanks so much to all of you who stopped by.  It was great seeing each and every one of you!  Looking forward to the next fun get together!


(I forgot to snag the boys style cards. If you are curious about anything they are wearing ask and I will find out!)

On Tyr: 

Hair: Illusory – Kimmi

Bubble Gum: Pink Fuel

Sweater: Gawk

Bodysuit: Gawk

Knee Socks: Gawk

Leg Warmers Gawk

Eye Liner: Mon Tissu

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Light Sensitive

Skin: Filthy – Jasmine – Beach Tan

On Harlow:

Skin: Belleza – Alyson – 1

Tattoos: Para Designs – Goth Candy – Color – Dark

Hair: TRUTH - Alexis – Gingers – Copper /w roots & hairbase

Sunglasses: HOC 

Necklace: Acid & Mala – My Yummy Necklace – Black Pearls

Outfit: Emery – Call Me



Feb 22, 2012


Sometimes you come across a lovely little place on the grid that truly takes your breath away.  That’s certainly how parts of the sim Ode are for me.  An array of colorful flowers expands across an open field, fountains, and picket fences await, as you travel through this peaceful place.  My favorite part of the whole sim is the beautifully intricate dance pavilion.  Enchanting light sparkles down through it, and if you find the perfect windlight setting, it’s rather breathtaking.

Bring a loved one, or a friend to dance, explore all the sim has to offer, and come check out a great place to take photos here at Ode.

Feb 21, 2012


Definition of Idolatry: excessive or blind adoration, reverence, devotion etc… 

The Festival of Sin continues on, and by far one of my most favorite items available at the fair is the sexy Idolatry bodysuit from Kyoot.  I absolutely love the name of it, and the color options for the trim are a lot of fun.    In the past year Kyoot has become one of my favorite stores on the grid.  Every single item that Saeya makes continues to improve and grow in creativity and quality.  I’m really looking forward to her future items, especially with spring just around the corner!

Are y’all sick of seeing me in my SLink boots yet?  I feel like I wear them at least once or twice a week, and they’ve graced the pages of my blog countless times.  These were seriously my best mesh investment so far.  I absolutely love them, and always feel edgy and sexy when I put them on.

I’m gonna keep it short and leave it at that today.  Can’t seem to wake up this morning! Time to go chug some coffee! Have a good Tuesday!


Skin: Belleza – Alyson – 0

Hair: TRUTH – Leesa – Copper w/roots

Sunglasses: Emery – Sunglasses Era – V2 - Fuchsia

Lipstick: L. Fauna – Pink 2

Bodysuit: Kyoot – Idolatry Bodysuit – Hot Pink

Boots: SLink – Tall Leather Thigh Boots – Black (mesh)

Pose: Olive Juice


Feb 20, 2012


The highly anticipated Festival of Sin has officially opened it’s doors and it is lustful in every way.  So many fantastic brands have come together to feature a variety of sinful products for your liking.  I’ll over the next day or two be showing you a few of my favorite items.

The Festival of Sin is set up quite nicely.  When you first arrive a barricade stops you from entering unless your script count is under 60.  This is so beneficial in lag reduction.  I was able to move around decently well once everything loaded, and when I stopped by the sim was near full.  Bravo, and mad props to the creators of this Festival, and their considerate planning for the festival visitors!

I had fun stepping out of my comfort zone with this image above.  My beautiful collar, skin, and makeup are from Glam Affair.  All of these items are available at the Fair.  I had the opportunity to use my zombie eyes from The Plastik again.  I love these! I wish I had more reasons to wear them on a regular basis!

I hope you all take some time to stop by the Festival of Sin.  Please be aware that it’s most definitely a NSFW environment, and if crude, lewd, or sexual in nature stuff isn’t your thing I would advise finding another place to visit on the grid!


Skin: Glam Affair – Vanity Skin – Pale

Makeup: Glam Affair – Vanity Lips – 10

Eyes: The Plastik – Haunted Collection – Zombified

Lashes: Lelutka – 2011 – Lashes/Curl

Collar: Glam Affair – Collar B

Hair: TRUTH – Vicky – Raven

Pose: Evolve

Feb 19, 2012

Friends Through Every Season

A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.” 

Friends are something that come and go throughout our Second Life, but there are always those few that you know will stick around for the long haul.  Lyrical Popstar is one of those friends in my life.  Today is her 30th birthday (make sure to give her a really hard time about it!), so I thought it’d be fun to do a blog entry and include her in it.

Lyrical and I were definitely not instant friends.  In fact, I’m quite certain I thought she hated me, and she thought I hated her in the beginning.  Funny how that works huh?  We’ve also been through some tough stuff together in Second Life.  Looking back though, in retrospect, you realize that it’s the tough stuff, the regretful things we do and say, that often times can make a friendship grow, and transform into one of your closest relationships.

Lyrical and I certainly do not agree on everything.  In fact, we are sort of notorious for our playful banter at one another on plurk, and also in world at times.  A good example?  The Apple vs. Windows debate!  You don’t want to be in a room with us when we start on this! :) Overall though it’s our differences, our two dynamically different personalities, but also our very obvious similarities and compatibly that make her one of my very best friends here in Second Life.  Lyrical is smart, funny, helpful, kind, and willing to stick her neck out for those she cares about, and also those that she does not know.  I am blessed beyond measure to have her in my life, and would not trade a single thing for it.  Through good times and bad she is a constant here in my Second Life!

- – - -

Also, I’ll credit everything below, but I really want to point out my poses.  They are created by the very lovely Miss BellaStarr Fhang and this is the first time I’ve gotten around to using them for the blog.  Both Lyrical and I are using them for this photo and I think they are fantastic.  Evolve is a newer store in Second Life, and I really think it’s going to be a successful endeavor.  Bells has made some great couples, friends, and single pose packs for you to enjoy, and new stuff is certainly on the way.

I hope everyone has a relaxing and wonderful Sunday!  Have a great start to your new week!


On Lyrical:

Tank – Maitreya –  Bastille Top Cool Mint

Jeans – Mon Tissu – 1929 Cigarette ~ Original

Hair - Truth -  Janice w/Roots – walnut

Skin - League - Sia Medium Apricot -Frex

Bangles – fri.day – Loop.Jewelry (Browns)

Nails – SLink - SLink Jolie Prim Nails L 20 (wearing a color from the SLink Jolie Pied Nail HUD Addon – French and Polishes)

Necklace – Tres Blah - String Necklaces – Silver (January’s collabor88)

Pose: Evolve

On Harlow:

Skin: Belleza – Alyson – 1

Hair: Elikatira – Over (mesh) – Red 05

Top: Kyoot – Plath Blouse – Navy

Jeans:  Maitreya – Rolled Skinny Jeans – 05

Pose: Evolve

Location: The Pixel Bean Coffeehouse