Apr 15, 2012


There is a new event coming to the grid, that I am so thrilled to tell you all about.  It’s called faMESHed and it’s going to showcase some of the top mesh creators on the grid each month.  This event is being put together by two very hardworking and lovely ladies, Miss Cracked Mirror & Miss Vanity Mirror.  Both of them have been hard at work to make sure they bring an absolutely fantastic new event to Second Life, and I am certain that very few will be disappointed!  The best part about this event is that it will not focus on one type of product but a variety of items including home and garden items, shoes, clothes, accessories, and more.

faMESHed will feature a group of great stores including some of my favorites such as Mudhoney, Pixel Mode, The Loft, Wasabi Pills, and [GOS].  This is not the entire list, but to see the entire list you can stop by the faMESHed website.  They have more they will be announcing soon, but there is a great list to begin with! Each round will have a permanent designer, and then a guest designer as well.

The first cycle of the event will begin on May 1st and it will run for three weeks until the 21st.  After that, there is a week long break, and the next cycle will begin on the 1st of the next month.  I’m so excited for all the great new mesh products to be released for this event!  To see products that will featured in this event, and to add your own once you purchase and photograph them you can check out the faMESHed flickr pool! 

I’m really looking forward to blogging some of the great items that will be coming for this event.  I know the Mirror girls have put a lot of heart and effort into faMESHed, and I think all of their dedication is really going to pay off! Keep an eye out! It’ll be here May 1st! For now, just stay tuned to their great website for more information!


Apr 14, 2012

Take Flight

Even though I’m terrified of heights, I always wanted to face my fear and soar high in the sky in a hot air balloon.  I bet the world looks rather beautiful from so high up.

Short and sweet today.  New items from Jane.  They are pretty fantastic, and these mesh shorts are going to become a staple item in my inventory. She has released new tank tops, and new shorts for us all to enjoy.  The pose comes from evolve, and it’s featured at the Pose Fair which opens to the public tomorrow. It’s from a pack called “adorbs”, and adorable it is!  Everything else i’m wearing i’ve credited in recent posts, so I’m going to be lazy today.

Have a great weekend!


Apr 13, 2012

Shopping Trip

Sometimes a girl just needs a little retail therapy, and let me tell you… I need it.  It’s been one wild week, filled with all sorts of craziness.  Thankfully all the crazy has been wonderful and a lot of fun, but I sure have been busy!  That being said…I took a little relaxation time for myself and headed out to do some shopping across the grid.

As most of you know, I tend to dress pretty simple and basic most the time.  It just suits me.  So when I threw on my sunglasses, and grabbed my handbag and heels I felt… a little bit DIVA! I kind of liked it, but not nearly as much as I like the new releases from [Echo].  I am so into this store. She has released some new mesh tops and mesh pants for you all to snatch up.

I’m keeping it short and sweet today! Hope you all have a fantastic Friday and a great start to your weekend! <3


Skin: Glam Affair | Aida Ewing – Leah – Natural

Hair: TRUTH | Truth Hawks – Hilary – Carrot

Freckles: L. Fauna | Launa Fauna – Extra Freckles – Dark

Nails: Leverocci | Jin Elfan – Round Nails (mesh) – Black Plain

Sunglasses: HOC | Guu Nishi – Sunglasses

Top: [Echo] | Echo Requiem – Key Mesh Top – Pink

Pants: [Echo] | Echo Requiem – Intonation Mesh Pants – Grey

Shoes: Pixel Mode | Tya Fallingbridge – Luna Heels – Black Velvet w/ Bow

Handbag: Hawthorne | mgroesen – The Aviator Bag – Charcoal

Location: Cupcake

Apr 12, 2012


Pssst…have you heard? Pose Fair 2012 is coming! It’s just around the corner, and it’s going to be filled to the brim with poses and goodies galore!  I know I am quite excited about it.  The fair will open it’s doors to the public on April 15th.  For right now you can get a great sneak peek of what is to come by checking out the Pose Fair Flickr Group.  So many great items await you!  The adorable coffee pose above is something that Glitterati will be featuring in this years Pose Fair!

I learned something new today.  Well, I guess i’ve been told about it before, but today it really clicked and resonated with me. A really kind flickr friend pointed it out to me that if you are on firestorm you can fix the “floating” issues that sometimes occur when you are standing on an object.  See above? How I’m floating in the air?  Now I know how to fix this!  In quick preferences on firestorm you can mess with “height offset” to adjust the floating issue when standing on an object!  Yay for easy fixes! Can’t believe I’ve been in SL for over 6 years and had no clue I could do that!

As for all the adorable things I’m wearing and my great shooting location, see the credits below! :)


Skin: Glam Affair | Aida Ewing – Leah – Natural

Hair: TRUTH | Truth Hawks – Auralee – Carrot

Freckles: L. Fauna | Launa Fauna – Extra Freckles – Dark

Glasses: Mon Tissu | Elie Spot – Four Corners Reading Glasses – Black

Earrings: Intrigue Co. | Katharine McGinnis – Eiffel Tower Earrings – Salmon (available at Collabor88)

Sweater/Skirt: Tres Blah | Julliette Westerburg – Camille Outfit – Pale Pink (available at Collabor88)

Shoes: KAO | Kao Sands – Ankle Strap Shoes – White

Pose/Coffee: Glitterati | Katey Coppola (coming soon to Pose Fair 2012. Opens April 15th)

Location: Mayfair


Apr 11, 2012

Second Life Homepage

Yesterday I went to go and check something on my account on SecondLife.com when I was stopped in my tracks.  I blinked a few times, my jaw fell open, and I had a little moment.  A little moment of realization as I realized the girl on the homepage screen was me! Then (after a mild freak out session) I started flipping through to see who else was on there with me.

So many other amazing avatars are up on the home page right now.  I am absolutely honored to have made it up there with them.  You’ll find Miaa Rebane, Faint Paulse, Prad Prathivi, Strawberry Singh, Sixx Yangtz, Harper Beresford, and Ivoni Miles as well if you click through the little arrows.  Congrats to them for such an accomplishment!

If you remember just recently, the first big change Linden Lab did with the homepage featured the lovely Gogo from Juicybomb.com.  She looked fantastic on the homepage and really set the standard for avatars to come.  It will be really neat to see what avatars they feature in the future.  Could it be you?

If you’d like to check out the new homepage you may be taken to your log in page first.  If so log out, and you may possibly need to clear your browser history to see the front page.  Once you see it, you can click through the little arrows to see all of those who are featured.

Thanks Linden Lab for such a great opportunity!