Apr 5, 2012

The Luna Moth

No eye that sees could fail to remark you:   

like any leaf the rain leaves fixed to and   
flat against the barn’s gray shingle. But
what leaf, this time of year, is so pale,   
the pale of leaves when they’ve lost just   
enough green to become the green that means
loss and more loss, approaching? Give up   
the flesh enough times, and whatever is lost   
gets forgotten: that was the thought that I
woke to, those words in my head. I rose,   
I did not dress, I left no particular body   
sleeping and, stepping into the hour, I saw
you, strange sign, at once transparent and   
impossible to entirely see through. and how   
still: the still of being unmoved, and then
the still of no longer being able to be   
moved. If I think of a heart, his, as I’ve   
found it…. If I think of, increasingly, my
own…. If I look at you now, as from above,   
and see the diva when she is caught in mid-
triumph, arms half-raised, the body as if
set at last free of the green sheath that has—
how many nights?—held her, it is not   
without remembering another I once saw:
like you, except that something, a bird, some   
wild and necessary hunger, had gotten to it;  
and like the diva, but now broken, splayed
and torn, the green torn piecemeal from her.   
I remember the hands, and—how small they   
seemed, bringing the small ripped thing to me.
- The Luna Moth by Carl Phillips
Have you ever stopped by The Pixel Bean Coffeehouse  for one of our poetry nights? We have one tonight at 7pm SLT, and every other Thursday after today.  We do our poetry events over voice, but if you aren’t comfortable sharing, you can always just come, sit around the campfire and listen.  It’s a great experience! Poetry, prose, song lyrics, short stories, etc… anything is welcome.
Also, isn’t this mesh skirt from elymode lovely?  I’ve been meaning to blog it for quite some time now.  Just recently I had the opportunity to see a very beautiful luna moth for the first time as I was stepping out my door to go to work one morning.  It was stunning.  It captured my attention, and for some reason stayed on my mind all day long.  I don’t think i’d ever seen anything so beautiful and delicate in nature before.  I hoped all day long that I’d get to see it one more time before it flew off, and when I got home that afternoon, there it was!  Such a pretty sight.
Skin: Glam Affair | Aida Ewing – Leah – Natural

Hair: Elikatira |Elikapeka Tiramisu – Caramel – Red 05

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede – Shimmer – Blue

Lashes: Beetlebones | Suetabulous Yootz – Dollface (mesh) – Black

Nails: Leverocci | Jin Elfan – Round Nails (mesh) – Scarlet Plain

Skirt: elymode | Elysium Eilde – Jennifer Mesh Skirt – Green Moth

Feet: SLink | Siddean Munro – Barefeet Mesh Flat

Pose: !Bang | Trieste Minuet


Apr 4, 2012

Don’t Go

Pssst… have you heard?  Glitterati is having a rather lengthy & fabulous pose sale!  I stopped by and picked up ten new poses this past week, and I’m so glad I did because they are at such great prices right now.  The pose you see above is just one of the many I added to my collection.

I snagged my man, Mr. Arkansas Sorbet for a little photo session yesterday as well.  He was looking pretty sharp in a few new items he recently purchased and I just couldn’t help myself. Good pose? Great man? Yeah, you really can’t go wrong there! Sounds like the recipe for a great snapshot.

I’ll keep this short and sweet today.  For credits on everything we are wearing see below!


On Ark:

Skin: Belleza | Tricky Boucher – Ashton

Eyes: Croire | Emily Kaestner – Ingenius

Hair: Raw House | Jay Chaos – Adam

Sunglasses: HOC | Guu Nishi – Aviators

Tie: Muism | Migi Voom – Straight Skinny Tie

Jeans: Muism | Migi Voom – Straight Fit

Jacket/Shirt: Kal Rau | Kal Rau – Casual Blazer (mesh)

On Harlow:

Skin: Glam Affair | Aida Ewing – Leah – Natural

Hair: TRUTH | Truth Hawks – Auralee – Carrot

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede – Shimmer – Blue

Lashes: Beetlebones | Suetabulous Yootz – Dollface (mesh) – Black

Nails: Leverocci | Jin Elfan – Round Nails (mesh) – Scarlet Plain

Shirt: coldLogic | coldLogic – Weiss – Cotton

Jeans: Maitreya | Onyx LeShelle – Mesh Zipper Skinny Jeans – #2



Apr 3, 2012



So this week marks the very last Fashionably Late Event on the Chic Sim.  It has been a great event with many weeks of awesome designs by awesome designers.  I will be sad to see the event, as well as the Chic Sim close it’s doors.

One of the designers, owner of justB, Miss Bee Baroque (isn’t that a cute name?) returned for the event and released this beautiful jumpsuit.  Normally this sort of thing wouldn’t fit my style or my tastes, but I really loved it the moment I put it on.  The color is called “Paprika”. So pretty!

I paired the jumpsuit with a new release from one of my new favorite stores, [Echo].  Echo Requiem has been hard at work lately releasing quite a few new items, and this Stonage necklace in beautiful turquoise is just gorgeous.

The last thing i’ll note today is my hair.  It’s one of the new releases from TRUTH and it’s a non mesh release.  I love the color change headband.  Perfect accessory when you need an extra little touch of color for a wardrobe.

Have a good one.


Skin: Glam Affair | Aida Ewing – Leah – Natural

Hair: TRUTH | Truth Hawks – Helia – Carrot

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede – Shimmer – Blue

Lashes: Beetlebones | Suetabulous Yootz – Dollface (mesh) – Black

Nails: Leverocci | Jin Elfan – Round Nails (mesh) – Teal Plain

Necklace: [Echo] | Echo Requiem – Stonage Necklace - Turquoise

Jumpsuit: justB | Bee Baroque – Jumpsuit Femme – Paprika (available at  Fashionably Late)

Feet: SLink | Siddean Munro – Barefeet Mesh Flat

Pose: Adorkable Poses | Adorkable Peapod

Apr 2, 2012


First off, sorry for that mediocre shot today.  My computer/internet/viewer were all giving me a good fit last night….

I immediately smiled when I saw this dress from Ivalde.  A few reasons to why really.  Ivalde is a store that has been a staple in the Second Life community for many years now.  A store that nearly anyone recognizes, and we probably all have something from Ivalde hiding in our inventories somewhere.  I love seeing long time stores still making pretty items in Second Life.

The second reason I smiled when I saw this dress was the name.  It’s called “Nora.”  My great grandmother’s name was Nora.  She was a really spectacular lady with a lot of grace, beauty, and intelligence.  I just knew I had to blog this dress because it made me think of her.  I could imagine her wearing something beautiful like this when she was younger.  So fitting for the 1950s.  Sometimes, I like to imagine what life was like back then.  Wouldn’t it be neat to time travel?  I’d love to go back and visit family members when they were younger.  When they were still alive, and full of vibrance and life.  It really is something neat to think about.

Just a little note on my shoes and hair that Im wearing today.  Both can be found this week at The Truth District’s 50% off sale. (You have to be in the group to get the sale price on the items)  These shoes from GOS are really cool.  They are part of the Pimp Your Pumps line that GOS features, and are a cute little pair of buckled flats.  You can change the colors of every part of this shoe.  You can get them for a great price right now, so I certainly recommend them. Gospel Voom makes some of the best shoes in Second Life, and I must say their customer service is also really great.  I had a really good experience this weekend, so they come highly recommended from me!

My hair is the newest release from TRUTH.  It comes as two options.  The way I am wearing it above, or there is a mesh attachment that drapes over your shoulders that goes with it.  I personally like the hair as an up do, without the attachment, but both ways work nicely.

Enough of my notorious rambling.  Have a great start to your week!


Skin: Glam Affair | Aida Ewing – Leah – Natural

Hair: TRUTH | Truth Hawks – Auralee – Carrot

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede – Shimmer – Blue

Lashes: Beetlebones | Suetabulous Yootz – Dollface (mesh) – Black

Dress: Ivalde | Neferia Abel – Nora – White

Shoes: GOS | Gospel Voom – Pimp Your Pumps V2 – Buckle Ballet

Pose: Adorkable Poses | Adorkable Peapod

Location: Armenelos

Mar 31, 2012

TUTORIALS: Taking High Quality Photographs

I’ve put together a pretty standard tutorial on How to Take High Quality Photographs in Second Life.  I hope it helps you!  I’ve included some information on my computer specifications that I use, how to set your graphics settings up, anisotrophic filtering, camera restraints, and also some recommendations on other blogger tutorials to take a look at! I hope it helps you, and anyone you come across along the way! :)