Jan 11, 2016

Though Nothing, Can Keep Us Together



I woke up this morning to the news of David Bowie passing. What an awful bit of news to wake up to. While I cannot say I was a dedicated & devoted fan to his music like so many of you, I can say there were many songs I enjoyed, and I have so many wonderful friends who are heartbroken today over him leaving this earth. He touched the lives of an endless number of people, and for all of you hurting today I am so sorry.  I think about how I would feel if I lost one of my musical idols, and the thought is simply unbearable.


Head: Catwa | Catwa Clip – Annie

Skin Applier: Deetalez | Steffi Villota 

Hair: Truth | Truth Hawks – Holly

Earrings: Zaara | Zaara Kohime - Sarika Feather Earrings (available at current round of Collabor88)

Dress: Tee*fy | Azure Electricteeth - Scarlett Babydoll Dress (available at current round of Collabor88)

Jan 10, 2016



When I first heard about January’s theme for Collabor88 I will admit I was a little uncertain.  I tend to be a neutral & earthy tone kind of gal, and don’t typically gravitate towards pastels, or anything shiny or metallic. I now have to say that I am pleasantly surprised with what everyone came up with for this theme! I’ve had so much fun playing with all the fun apparel, accessories, etc… The designers really rocked this theme and it gave me a chance to step outside my comfort zone and try new things!

I had some more fun playing with the LOGO mesh head in this post. I paired it with a beautiful skin applier from Pink Fuel.  The Eli Necklace from Minimal is a great find at Collabor88 this round. I’ve never owned a necklace that looks like this. It’s a unique find that was perfect for this theme/round.


Mesh Head: Logo | Maximillion Grant – Alex

Skin: Pink Fuel | Mochi Millena - Morgana – LOGO Alex Applier

Eyes: Buzzeri | Eleri Catlin – Celestial Eyes

Hair: Truth | Truth Hawks - Harley

Tattoo: White Widow | Julie Hastings

Necklace: Minimal | Ors Quan (available at current round of Collabor88)

Bodysuit: Erratic | Erratic Rain (available at current round of Collabor88)

Jan 9, 2016

Sleepless Attic


Dust Bunny has released a brand new skybox for Collabor88 this month & I find it rather adorable. The cozy 9 x 18 floorplan is only 65 land impact so it’s perfect for those of you with small plots of land who want a great amount of detail without the excessive prim usage. Noel did a fantastic job of detailing the architecture with intricate window frames, a great little elevated platform area to decorate to your liking, and a wonderful loft area which would make the perfect bedroom to snuggle up in.

I love the attention to detail she puts into her designs. From the railings, to the little wheels on the loft ladder, to the gorgeous beam work on the ceiling. You don’t feel like you are in a skybox at all. You must check it out and take the time to cam around at all the little intricate pieces she’s added to this dwelling. Lots of charming surprises await!

You can stop by Collabor88 this month to pick up your own copy of this fantastic little home!


Skybox: Dust Bunny | lxlnoel – Sleepless Attic (available at Collabor88 this month)

Jan 7, 2016

I Want You To Burn My Bridges Down



So I finally checked out a LOGO mesh head. My favorite of the few they have was the Alex head. After seeing so many photos, I really didn’t feel the head was going to suit me, and I was so pleasantly surprised when I finally tried it for myself.  I was inspired after seeing Strawberry Singh’s  plurk, which you can read here. She posted some screen grabs, and I instantly knew I had to try it out for myself.

I’ve paired the head with a brand new release for Collabor88 this month from Glam Affair. The event opens tomorrow on the 8th, and Glam Affair has released appliers for a few mesh heads this month, so there’s something for all sorts of you mesh head wearers!


In other news, I’ve been listening to my absolute all time favorite band OneRepublic lately. I’m dying for them to release a new album, and I heard they are back in the studio recording their next one! I. Can’t. Wait! Today I’m hooked on a song from their last album called Burning Bridges. The lyrics really speak to me lately.

You and I were meant to be, ain’t no doubt about it no way to hide that sort of thing
Now I’m waiting for something better ain’t nothing better worth imagining
I, I keep on running I’m building bridges that I know you never wanted
Look for my heart you stole it away
Now I’ll never sing the road that I could take

Listen, I want you to burn my bridges down
I said, I want you to burn my bridges down
Set me on Fire. You set me, set me on fire
You can burn my bridges down
Send this out to sea, send it where you wanted you can take your no for no or not at all
There’s no filling up your spaces with fictionary places imaginary faces they don’t work at all

I, I keep on running. I’m building bridges that I know you never wanted
Look for my heart you stole it away
Now I’ll never sing the road that I could take
Listen, I want you to burn my bridges down
I said, I want you to burn my bridges down
Set me on Fire. You set me, set me on fire
Girl you burnt my bridges down

I want you to burn my bridges down, down
I want you to burn my bridges down

Set me on fire. You set me
Set me on Fire
I want you to burn my bridges down

I said, I want you to burn my bridges down down, down
Set me on fire 


Mesh Head: Logo | Maximillion Grant – Alex

Skin: Glam Affair | Aida Ewing – Cloe (available at Collabor88 opening on the 8th of this month)

Hair: Truth | Truth Hawks – Lyric

Tattoo: Bolson | ChewbaccaNotDead – Osiris

Dress/Sweater: Blueberry | Blueberryxx – Sera

Boots: N-Core | Claire Messenger – Alexandra 

Pose: Imeka | Natiwilliams

Location: Virtual Decay

Jan 4, 2016

Make Me Your Queen


Have you visited ChouChou? The region is absolutely breathtaking with this stunning Cathedral build created by Juliet Heberle.  The awe-inspiring cathedral sits up in the clouds with views that will make your jaw drop. I had a lot of fun exploring this place. It would be an architect’s dream location for exploration!


Head: Catwa | Catwa Clip – Gwen (limited early release)

Skin Applier: Lara Hurley | Lara Hurley – Christy

Hair: Magika | Sabina Gully – Itch

Necklace: Minimal | Ors Quan – Hook Necklace

Bracelet: Minimal | Ors Quan – Leya Bracelert

Dress: Valentina E Couture | valentinaevangelista – Renee Dress (available at this month’s FaMESHed)

Pose: Marukin | Valencia Southard

Location: ChouChou V

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