Jun 22, 2014

Serenity on the Beach


Summerfest 2014 has officially opened, and I think it’s hands down one of my favorite events all year.  I had a blast roaming around yesterday during the blogger preview and checking out all the summer goodies. I think one of my favorite things about summer events like this, are all the vibrant colors.  You MUST go check out how colorful this event is! So many beautiful, vibrant, and stunning items.  Not to mention all the summer themed scenery they’ve created.  Here is an official store map if you need guidance getting around the sim!

I also wanted to make mention of the adorable pose set from Sari Sari that you can find at TLC Poser Pavilion this month.  These yoga poses are perfect for photos, and it’s by far the best yoga set I’ve found in Second Life.

I LOVE SUMMER. Don’t you?


Skin: Glam Affair | Aida Ewing – Brandi – American Pippy

Hair: Truth | Truth Hawks – Honey

Hands/Feet: SLink | Siddean Munro

Bikini: Baiastice | Sissy Pessoa (available at Summerfest 2014)

Pose: Sari Sari | AbbyAnne (available at TLC Poser Pavilion June/July)

Surfboards: Culprit | Eku Zhong  (available at Summerfest 2014)

Crates: Oyasumi | Kenzo Gateaux  (available at Summerfest 2014)

Beach Balls/Noodles/Accessories: A.D.D. Andel! | Andel Rhiadra  (available at Summerfest 2014)

Shack: A.D.D. Andel! | Andel Rhiadra  (available at Summerfest 2014)

Signs: Oyasumi | Kenzo Gateaux  (available at Summerfest 2014)

Pots: Second Spaces | Elle Kirshner 

Dog: Alchemy | Tyr Rozenblum

Location: Heart Song



Jun 18, 2014

A Little Place on the Coast


We are going to kick off summer right in just a few days, with Summerfest 2014!  The event starts on June 22nd, and will feature some of Second Life’s top notch designers. Home & Garden, fashion, and more will be available at this great warm weather event!

Another warm weather event taking place right now is The Garden at TLC.  The Bali theme this round makes me want to bust out my bikini, flip flops, and suntan lotion, and race to the beach!

I love summer! Don’t you?


House: Scarlet Creative | Charlotte Bartlett (available at June’s Collabor88)

Monogram Pillows: Commoner | Emery Milneaux  (available at The Arcade  June Round)

Curtains: Scarlet Creative  (available at The Arcade  June Round)

Easel: Seven Emporium (available at June/July’s TLC @ The Garden)

Couch: floorplan | Tegan Serin (available at Summerfest 2014 starting on June 22nd)

Coffee table (I tinted the table darker!): Tarte | Alixxbella  (available at June/July’s TLC @ The Garden)

Incense Burner: 8f8 | 8f8  (available at June/July’s TLC @ The Garden)

Wooden Bowl: The Loft | Colleen Desmoulins & Nardya Rousselott (available at June’s Collabor88)

Rug: floorplan | Tegan Serin (available at Summerfest 2014 starting on June 22nd)

Hanging Map: floorplan | Tegan Serin (available at Summerfest 2014 starting on June 22nd)

Leaning Mirror: The Loft | Colleen Desmoulins & Nardya Rousselott (available at June’s Collabor88)

My Home Is the Sea Print: floorplan | Tegan Serin (available at Summerfest 2014 starting on June 22nd)

Chair: The Loft | Colleen Desmoulins & Nardya Rousselott (available at June’s Collabor88)


Jun 15, 2014

Gone Fishin



Hair: Spellbound | Kohana Xue (available at June/July’s TLC @ The Boutique)

Dress: Boom | Aranel Ah (available at June’s Collabor88)

Fishing Gear: Pilot | Kaz Nayar (available at June’s Collabor88)

Dock: What Next | Winter Thorn & FrankLee Anatra

Cushion: What Next | Winter Thorn & FrankLee Anatra

Pose: Imeka | Natiwilliams

Location: Heart Song

Jun 12, 2014

Romp in the Water



Skin: Belleza | Shyla Diggs – Suki (available at The Arcade  June Round)

Hair: Truth | Truth Hawks – Vida

Glasses/Jewelry: Yummy | Polyester Partridge (available at June’s Collabor88)

Top: The Secret Store | Maylee Oh (available at June’s Collabor88)

Shorts: Maitreya | Onyx LeShelle (available at June’s Collabor88)

Pose: Rack Poses | Kirsty Oherlihy

Location: Crossing Currents

For anything Ark is wearing please IM me! (he wasn’t home when I did the credits for this so I couldn’t snag them from him!)


Jun 9, 2014

Beach Babes



Just wanted to show you all the sexy new bikinis from Baiastice that you can pick up at Collabor88 this month.  The pose is from !Bang.  Any other credit questions, contact me and I’ll find out for you!

Thank you Paige Patrucci, Tali Munro, Sylvia Olivier, & Peace Edenflower for a fun time at the beach!

Hey boys…wipe the drool off your computer screen.