Apr 3, 2014

It’s Bazar


So I may have gone a little Bazar crazy.  A while back Bazar released many pieces to their Toronto series, including the beautiful “Toronto House”.  I made sure to purchase all the pieces, but as I was decorating I was having a hard time finishing up some of the rooms.  I secretly hoped that they would release more room sets for the series.

My hopes & wishes were granted! At The Home Show 2014 Bazar released a living room, as well as a bathroom set for the Toronto series.  I was THRILLED. Now my entire house feels complete.

Stop by The Home Show 2014 or Bazar’s Mainstore Location for all the various pieces from the Toronto series.  I bet you will be just as excited as me to have an entire home that’s cohesive as well as beautiful!

(no credits because literally every single thing in this photograph is from Bazar!)

Mar 31, 2014

Cutie Pie


There’s an exceptionally cute event starting up soon called The Cutie Moon Fair & I’ve had a lot of fun watching people post stuff to flickr & plurk regarding the fair! So many CUTE items will be featured.

My adorable Sweet Sailor dress comes from The Secret Store and comes in 11 different color combinations. I am wearing it in Mercury!  The shoes, which match perfectly are from Fri.day and are called Venus Heels! They come in ten color variations!

Another item from the Cutie Moon Fair that matched the entire ensemble so well is this Brandi skin from Glam Affair.  This version was made for the fair specifically. I love all the different hues of blue in this post!

I know they are hard to see, but my nails are SO cute. They are the glitter ombre nails from A:S:S.  Photos Nikolaidis has really made some absolutely gorgeous nails in SL.

The fair opens tomorrow on the 1st, so until then check out the Cutie Moon Fair Flickr Group for more details on what you can find at this precious event!

PS. Didn’t the new Truth hair go PERFECTLY with this?


Skin: Glam Affair | Aida Ewing – Brandi (available at  Cutie Moon Fair starting on April 1st)

Eyes: Ikon | Ikon Innovia – Spectral Eyes – Ghost

Hair: Truth | Truth Hawks – Lottie

Hands: SLink | Siddean Munro

Nails: A:S:S | Photos Nikolaidis – Glitter Ombre

Necklace: Yummy | Polyester Partridge – Work Pearls

Dress: The Secret Store | Maylee Oh – Sweet Sailor Dress – Mercury (available at  Cutie Moon Fair starting on April 1st)

Shoes: Fri.day | Darling Monday – Venus Heels – Sky (available at  Cutie Moon Fair starting on April 1st)

Pouffe/Pose: Gos Boutique | Gospel Voom – Pouffe – Silver


Mar 30, 2014

Are You Corruptible?


Good adult oriented places in Second Life are hard to come by.  I either feel extremely dirty/off put when I arrive at one, the atmosphere just isn’t good quality, or the place is filled with either creepy people, or people who simply have no interest in talking in local chat.

Recently I was wandering around and came across a fantastic place called Corruption.  This adult lounge is expansive in size, has a voice or no voice side, is filled with classy furniture & Second Life derived artwork, and best of all, has some absolutely fantastic people who hang out at it.

I’ve spent the last week hanging around here in my free time, and people are openly friendly, and welcoming to anyone who stops by.  I was so impressed!  Right now, they are planning to do Sunday events, but will feature more events in the near future I believe.

Stop by and check out Corruption for yourself, and see what all the fun  & fantasy is about.


Mar 28, 2014

Spring Morning at Aunt Betty’s House


As I was making this image today, I had all these wonderful little scenarios running through my head. I envisioned myself traveling through the woods on my pretty pink bicycle to my Aunt Betty’s house.  (To be candid, I don’t even have an Aunt Betty…but roll with me here okay?)  The smell of spring was fragrant through the crisp, cool, dawn breeze, and little dabbles of pink and green were speckling the trees as life began to take over, putting winter to rest. I imagined myself running up the steps, and bursting through the front door. The smell of a freshly baked lemon pie floating through the rooms of her little bungalow in the woods…

See? I told you my imagination went wild today as I was working on this pretty little scene.

The Home Show 2014 begins April 1st, and will run through the 31st. The event will feature countless home & garden designers from around the grid.  Last year this was one of my absolute favorite events, and I cannot wait to see what’s in store this year. Tarte is featuring Aunt Betty’s….I mean…err…this great little home at the event! I am certain in the entire month of April I will have lots of goodies to show you from this awesome home & garden event. Check out The Home Show Flickr group to see some previews!

Until next time, I am off to Aunt Betty’s for some lemon pie, and to park my butt in that rocking chair on her front porch.


House: Tarte | AlixxBella (available at The Home Show 2014 starting on April 1st)

Trees: Studio Skye | Alex Bader

Ivy: Trompe Loeil | Cory Edo

Bicycle: What Next | Winter Thorn & FrankLee Anatra

Cherry Blossom Tree: Forest Floor | Uni Ninetails

String Lights: What Next | Winter Thorn & FrankLee Anatra

Curtains in the window: Ink | Nontroppo Torii

Hanging Planters: Trompe Loeil | Cory Edo (the actual plants in the planter are from a very old Artilleri release!)

Rug: Lame | Divine Falodir

Rocking Chair: What Next | Winter Thorn & FrankLee Anatra

Lanterns: We’re Closed | Wendy Xeno & Mandingo Quan

Sunflower Crate: Lark | Sienia Trevellion

Rope Fence: We’re Closed | Wendy Xeno & Mandingo Quan

Mar 26, 2014

I’m Feeling Sassy


I found a fun new find. Maybe it’s not new to everyone, but it’s relatively new to me! It’s a store called Lacuna, and it’s got some cute apparel! I bumped into the designer, Narcisse Constantine at a new venue I found recently called Corruption (blog post coming soon about this fab new find as well! It’s adult themed! Just a fair warning for all you PG oriented people out there!), and she was the sweetest person ever! I’m so glad I got a chance to meet/talk with her.  She has these great tank tops/maxi skirts out at My Attic this month. They come in a lot of great colors, and the skirts have a solid & pattern version. Very cute & great for spring!

Happy shopping!


Skin: League | Nena Janus – Erin (available at Skin Fair 2014)

Hair: Tableau Vivant | M4ri1yn Magic – Gloster (available at March’s My Attic)

Eyes: Ikon | Ikon Innovia

Glasses: Mon Tissu | Elie Spot – Four Corner Readers

Hands: SLink | Siddean Munro

Upper Tattoo: Little Pricks | Syn Beresford – Kismet

Lower Tattoo: Aitui | Jesseaitui Petion – Fuse

Top/Skirt: Lacuna | Narcisse Constantine (available at March’s My Attic)

Jewelry: Mandala | Kikunosuke Eel

Ring: Yummy | Polyester Partridge – Boho Ring

Pose: Adorkable | Adorkable Peapod