Jan 29, 2013

The Library

I am always on the hunt for high quality, classy and mature places in Second Life.  When I heard about my good friend Jett Roxan opening up a new venue I could not have been more thrilled!  The venue is called The Library, and it is an adult themed hang out in the Second Life Community.

The library features two separate areas.  The upstairs which is primarily used for intelligent conversation, truthball, and gatherings of sorts.  If you venture down to the basement you’ll find a collection of…well… let’s just say…lots of goodies!

To share a little bit of the history of The Library I’m going to copy a bit of the informational notecard that Mr. Roxan provides about his venue:

“The Library was built in 1895 by a very rich man on his estate near the edge of town. The owner was known as a classy gentleman but with a voracious appetite for sex. Also a collector of fine art, he acquired quite a collection of erotic pieces, mostly originals (and likely some forgeries as well.)
After his death the Library Association carried on as an exclusive and secretive membership. The Library becomes known for intellectual and stimulating conversations around the fireplace, but for those who have been around long enough there is another side as well. The secret basement library where it is said that people swing by for no-strings sex. The Library is a bit of a classy affair where the women are deliciously sexy, and the men are well dressed.”

I encourage you to stop by The Library and pick up informational note cards on rules, dress code, and more.  Also please join the group, as The Library is a member’s only club.

I’ve had an opportunity to spend quite a few nights hanging out upstairs at The Library, and I must say it’s been one of the best places I’ve found on the grid.  I’ve enjoyed the people, the atmosphere, and my experience there.  I encourage you to check it out!

Jan 25, 2013

Gos Boutique

Tomorrow at noon SLT women will be scrambling across the grid to Gos Boutique for the release of an INCREDIBLE collection of shoes & feet.  Not only are these shoes incredible, they are also unique.  Web based coding has been supplied in order to bring you the easiest in skin matching to ever reach the Second Life Grid.  The lovely Elysium Eilde does a far better job at explaining how the skin matching system works for Gos Boutique so I encourage you all to check out her tutorial on youtube.

I encourage you all to join the inworld Gos Boutique group, for updates and information on the opening of the boutique as well as new releases.  Also make sure to check out the Gos Boutique Website.  Below i’ve posted all of the first releases for Gos Boutique!  Additional credits include hair from Truth, a great skin from Belleza, and all of my clothing are the new releases from Maitreya.

Happy Shoe Shopping!

 Sophia Peep Toe @ Gos Boutique

Marilyn Sandals @ Gos Boutique

Grace Sandal @ Gos Boutique

Mae Platforms @ Gos Boutique

Mesh Barefeet @ Gos Boutique

Jan 24, 2013

Cover Couple

It was quite an honor to be asked by Linden Lab to participate in the cover photographs for SecondLife.com.  The first time I had the opportunity to do it I was thrilled beyond measure, and this time I’m even more joyful as I got the opportunity to pose with my man, Arkansas Sorbet!   Ark and I met in Second Life, so it truly felt fitting to be able to be apart of something so neat!  Thank you so much Linden Lab for once again asking me to be apart of something so special.  I’m truly honored!

A huge congratulations to Strawberry SinghWinter Jefferson, Eve Petlyakov and Harper Beresford for also displaying such beautiful Valentine’s themed photographs! If you are interested in what we are wearing, see below!


Arkansas Sorbet:

Skin: Belleza

Hair: Raw House

Suit: FateWear

Harlow Heslop

Hair: Truth

Skin: League

Earrings/Ring: Caroline’s Jewelry

Bracelet: Mandala

Dress: Baiastice


Jan 22, 2013


My absolute favorite piece of furniture in Second Life has been my Dutchie Male Dom chair.  It has the sexiest poses, and it’s a piece of furniture I feature in every single one of my Second Life homes. (Which as you know…has been a LOT of homes.)  Froukje Hoorenbeek just recently decided to do an update to both her male dom and fem dom chairs.  I could not be more thrilled!

The chairs are incredible, and so is the ultra fancy study equipped with beautiful bookcases, a fireplace, fancy Persian rug, and so much more.  I encourage you to drop by her store to check out the entire set in all it’s glory.

I must say…I was quite lucky to find such a handsome man sitting in my chair when I came home.


As for credits. My skin is the new Ava skin from Belleza, and my hair is Truth’s newest release!

How’s that for lazy crediting?

Jan 17, 2013

Sweet Treat

Life is filled to the brim with so many sweet treats… some of those treats are the wonderful friendships we encounter.  My gracious and kind friend Mr. Chance Raynier  so kindly surprised me with one of the sweetest gifts for my birthday this past week.  These delicious looking antlers!  Chance knows just how much I love cupcakes, and found the perfect gift for me.  I love them.  If you are interested in picking up your very own pair of cupcake antlers you can find them on marketplace for an AMAZING price!

Ava has officially been released at Belleza and the skin is simply stunning.  This is hands down their best creation yet, and you can pick it up in dark, blonde, or red brow options.  Some of the make up options are simple and classy, and others edgy and FUN!  This was one of the more edgy skin options, and I thought it went so perfectly with the newest Wasabi Pills release hair release called Jamie.  The Ava skin also comes with a tremendous amount of lip tattoo options.  You can get them in matte, light gloss, and strong gloss in ten…yes TEN…different hues!

I rounded off the entire funky look with a baroque inspired jewelry set from Maxi Gossamer.  You can find the beautiful set, as well as another at FaMESHed this month.

I think that covers everything in this post! I hope y’all have a fantastic Friday tomorrow! <3