Sep 30, 2013

Sometimes Sweet As Cherry Pie

The new skin from Belleza, Leila.  Isn’t it absolutely stunning?


Skin: Belleza | Tricky Boucher

Eyes: Crash Republic | Isabelle Requiem

Hair: TRUTH | Truth Hawks

Sep 29, 2013

Maybe I Could Sail Away

Hey everyone! I apologize for the lack of blogging lately.  I’m trying to keep a steady number of posts in, but i’m also working really hard to get The Pixel Bean Coffeehouse fired up once again.  I’ve started DJing again in Second Life, and we’ve also got a wide variety of events taking place at the cafe.  (A huge thank you to Miss Berry for her lovely post about the cafe as well.) Right now we’ve got a Date Auction taking place, as well as a Barn Dance today from 12 – 2pm SLT. Lots of great events planned for the future as well!  Anyway, enough about the bean! This post isn’t even about that!

A store that continues to improve and grow in Second Life is Drift.  Kallisto Destiny has really made a name for herself, and her awesome fashion designs.  I absolutely adore this sweater that can be found at TDR Fusion this month.  It’s the perfect sweater for photos, as the texture looks so realistic and warm. I though this sassy & short hairstyle from LaViere when great with it, showing off my shoulders!

I’ll leave it at that today! Have a great Sunday!


Skin: Pink Fuel | Mochi Milena – Harley

Eyes: Crash Republic | Isabelle Requiem – Melanie Eyes

Hair: LaViere | Azure Electricteeth - Amanda

Sweater: Drift | Kallisto Destiny – Cold Shoulder Top (Available at TDR Fusion)

Jeans: Coldlogic |  Damien Fate & Janie Marlowe & Zyrra Falcone

Pose: Kirin | Carolina Sautereau

Location: Glanduin

Sep 22, 2013

There’s No Way I’m Turning Back


Skin: Glam Affair | Aida Ewing – Lucy

Eyes: Crash Republic | Isabelle Requiem

Hair: Magika | Sabina Gully – Curious

Hands: SLink | Siddean Munro

Necklace: MG | Maxi Gossamer (available at Collabor88)

Corset: Baiastice | Sissy Pessoa 

Boots: Bax | Bax Coen

Pose: !Bang | Trieste Minuet

Sep 20, 2013

The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Invent It

See the bigger, better more detailed version.


Skybox: +ILO+ | Zozo Raven

Suitcases: Tres Blah | Julliette Westerburg (available at The Arcade)

Leaning Prints: Bazar | Ria Bazar

Rocking chair: What Next | Winter Thorn

Passport/Notebooks: Tres Blah | Julliette Westerburg (available at The Arcade)

Rug: Fanatik | Kendra Zaurak

Marble Checkers: Second Spaces | Elle Kirshner

Horse: Pilot | Kaz Nayar

Memory Board: Tres Blah | Julliette Westerburg (available at The Arcade)

Folded Clothes: Tres Blah | Julliette Westerburg (available at The Arcade)

Trunk: Trompe Loeil | Cory Edo

Bed: Dutchie | Froukje Hoorenbeek

Hanging Lights: We’re Closed | Wendy Xeno & Mandingo Quan

Wall Prints: DIGS | Iris Maskelyne

Couch: Mudhoney | Rayvn Hynes

Coffee Table: Mudhoney | Rayvn Hynes

Coffee Drinks: O.M.E.N. | damascusvera (available at The Seasons Story)

Open Book: Floorplan | Tegan Serin

Sep 19, 2013

You Turned On The Show

I am notorious for pestering Strawberry Singh on a pretty continual basis.  What can I say? She’s been my inspiration for ages, and was unknowingly on her behalf, the inspiration for my start to blogging in the first place.  In my usual obnoxious behavior I recently poked her about her windlight settings.  I’d seen a shift in her work and the tones/lighting in many of her images. I loved the dynamic and contrasting differences between shadow and light, and just overall the way her images were being produced.  I was curious how much of the image was windlight, and how much she altered the photos in Photoshop.

A lot of what she has recently created has been solely done through her windlight settings, and thankfully she has now posted a few of her new awesome settings on her blog.  She has two new settings available for download and I’ve had a lot of fun learning/playing with both.  This one is called “Light Up My SLife”.  I’ve done very little editing to this image, so you can see the windlight setting in all it’s glory.

What inspirations do you find in Second Life? Who inspires you? What windlight settings are you currently using the most? I’m curious what others are using as their forms of inspiration & SL art!


Skin: Glam Affair | Aida Ewing – Lucy

Eyes: Crash Republic | Isabelle Requiem – Melanie Eyes

Hair: TRUTH | Truth Hawks – Rocky

Necklace: Cae | Caelan Hancroft – Murano (available at September’s The Boutique)

Top: The Secret Store | Maylee Oh – Scalloped Sweater (available at September’s Collabor88)

Hands: SLink | Siddean Munro

Pants: Bitch | Maxwell Graf – Piper Plaid Casual Baggy Pants (available at September’s Men’s Dept)

Pose: !Bang | Trieste Minuet


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