Feb 16, 2013


Just to give you a rough idea of how busy I have been…

I’m doing my Valentine’s Day post two days after Valentine’s Day.

Pretty horrible right?

The good news is, when I’ve had time to play around with my blog and Photoshop I’ve been having a great deal of fun.  I have been using the new Adobe Photoshop CS6, and some of the new features, as well as the interface, are to die for! I’ve especially had a lot of fun playing around with the new blur tools available.  It really adds a little extra OOMPH! to my pics.  I strongly recommend checking out the subscription offer Adobe is offering for those who are interested in getting CS6, but not interested in the hefty price tag.  It’s well worth the monthly fee if you use Photoshop on a daily basis like I do.

I have to give a big shout out to my Valentine for being apart of this post.  Arkansas Sorbet, I could not ask for a better Valentine.  You are loyal, kind, and understanding.  You have the world’s most challenging, spoiled, and difficult woman.  God has truly blessed me with a remarkable man. I’m beyond fortunate.  Thank you for everything you do for me, and for loving me unconditionally through good and bad.  You see past my flaws, and my faults, and somehow manage to see a perfect woman in the tangled mess that I display.  I am given so much, and you expect so little in return.  You are the definition of a true man, and I am the luckiest girl in the world.


On Me:

Skin: Izzie’s | Izzie Button – Harlow Skin – Fair

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede – Ultimate Mesh Eyes – Faded Gray

Hair: TRUTH | Truth HawksHollana – Marmalade (available at Collabor88)

Hands: SLink | Siddean Munro – Mesh Hands

Necklace: MG | Maxi Gossamer – Khaleesi’s Temptation (available at Collabor88)

Dress: HUCCI | Eboni Khan – Hasting Dress – Moonglow (available at Collabor88)

On Ark:

Skin: Belleza | Tricky Boucher - Ashton

Eyes: Poetic Colors | Lano Ling – Autumn Colors – Early Frost

Hair: Raw House | Jay Khaos – Adam

Jacket: Razorblade Jacket | Kehl Razor – Subtlety Rogue (available at The Men’s Dept)

Necklace: KOSH | Lynaja Bade – Pivot Necklace (available at The Men’s Dept)

Jeans: Razorblade Jacket | Kehl Razor – Hoon Faded Cords

Pose: !Bang | Trieste Minuet 

Location: Sunshine Mist



Feb 13, 2013


There is nothing more flattering than when a talented designer messages you, and tells you that you’ve inspired their latest creation.  Truly, it’s the best feeling ever, and when Miss Izzie Button of the store Izzie’s messaged me to tell me about her newest release, my jaw hit the floor! Izzie’s most recent release is a skin named Harlow, and it’s simply stunning.

I was so excited to try her newest skin out, and I must say it’s as close to flawless as it gets.  The skin comes in eight different skin tones (i’m wearing it in “Fair”), twelve different lip shade tattoos, twelve eye shadows, a lovely shape, freckles, moles, an eyebrow shaper, and a nail base.  The best part is the skin is beyond reasonable in price, and again… just gorgeous.

Thank you so much Izzie for such a lovely skin. I hope so many people enjoy it as much as I have.


Skin: Izzie’s | Izzie Button – Harlow Skin – Fair

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede – Ultimate Mesh Eyes – Faded Gray

Hair: Wasabi Pills | MissAllSunday Lemon – Fay (available at FaMESHed)

Dress: Valentina E. Couture | valentinaevangelista – Paisley Gown – Leaf (available at FaMESHed)

Pose: Diesel Works | Rogan Diesel


Feb 11, 2013

Fashion Friends

Some things to know…

1. I have been a horrible, awful, terrible, badly behaving blogger. I am sorry!  I took a week off, and then…dun dun dun! My internet died! So I’m back! I’ve been super busy changing my sim over to spring and renovating The Pixel Bean Coffeehouse, that I’m just now getting a chance to blog! Eek!

2. Paige Patrucci is glorious, and wonderful, and awesome.  Doesn’t she look so stylish in this post?

3. You should all check out this months FaMESHed as it has tons of things to offer.

4. You should also go check out this month’s Collabor88, which also features great things…which I will be blogging at a near date from now!

5. I really. Truly. Am. A horrible, and badly behaving blogger.


On Paige:

Hair: TRUTH | Truth Hawks - Adeline

Boots: GOS | Gospel Voom Triumph Boots (Brown)

Scarf: Tee*Fy | Azure Electricteeth -  Collar Snood Grey Hearts

Dress: Tee*Fy | Azure ElectricteethOlga Sweatshirt – Chocolate (available at FaMESHed)

Tights:  So Many Styles| Irie Campese – Braid Knit Tights – Suede

Dragon: Serpent Dragon (Avalon Forge, Medieval Market)

On Harlow:

Skin: Belleza | Tricky Boucher – Ava

Hair: TRUTH | Truth Hawks – London – Carrot

Hands: SLink | Siddean Munro – Mesh Hands

Dress: Tee*Fy | Azure ElectricteethOlga Sweatshirt – Black (available at FaMESHed)

Leggings: Fanatik | Funatik – Leather Leggings – Camel (available at FaMESHed)

Shoes: GOS | Gospel Voom – Mae Platform

Handbag: Baiastice | Sissy Pessoa – Claudia Handbag

Pose: !Bang | Trieste Minuet 

Location: The Pixel Bean Coffeehouse

Jan 31, 2013


Today is Harlow’s fifth rez day!  I can’t believe she’s been “alive” for five full years now.  This marks my 7th year in Second Life as well, and it has been quite an incredible journey.  I thought I’d do a simple little portrait, and post to commemorate the occasion.  Here’s to many more years!


Skin: Belleza | Tricky Boucher – Ava

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede – Ultimate Mesh Eyes – Faded Gray

Hair: TRUTH | Truth Hawks – Lavinia – Marmalade

Necklace: Cae | Caelan Hancroft – Guinevere Necklace

Jan 29, 2013

The Library

I am always on the hunt for high quality, classy and mature places in Second Life.  When I heard about my good friend Jett Roxan opening up a new venue I could not have been more thrilled!  The venue is called The Library, and it is an adult themed hang out in the Second Life Community.

The library features two separate areas.  The upstairs which is primarily used for intelligent conversation, truthball, and gatherings of sorts.  If you venture down to the basement you’ll find a collection of…well… let’s just say…lots of goodies!

To share a little bit of the history of The Library I’m going to copy a bit of the informational notecard that Mr. Roxan provides about his venue:

“The Library was built in 1895 by a very rich man on his estate near the edge of town. The owner was known as a classy gentleman but with a voracious appetite for sex. Also a collector of fine art, he acquired quite a collection of erotic pieces, mostly originals (and likely some forgeries as well.)
After his death the Library Association carried on as an exclusive and secretive membership. The Library becomes known for intellectual and stimulating conversations around the fireplace, but for those who have been around long enough there is another side as well. The secret basement library where it is said that people swing by for no-strings sex. The Library is a bit of a classy affair where the women are deliciously sexy, and the men are well dressed.”

I encourage you to stop by The Library and pick up informational note cards on rules, dress code, and more.  Also please join the group, as The Library is a member’s only club.

I’ve had an opportunity to spend quite a few nights hanging out upstairs at The Library, and I must say it’s been one of the best places I’ve found on the grid.  I’ve enjoyed the people, the atmosphere, and my experience there.  I encourage you to check it out!