Apr 29, 2013

Springtime at The Pixel Bean Coffeehouse

This weekend I took some time to do some sprucing up of the landscaping around The Pixel Bean Coffeehouse.  We’ve made the plot much more wooded, private, and serene.  Stop by and check out the tranquil little pond, with it’s little sitting area on the dock.  The bonfire area has been tidied up and redone as well, offering a great place to gather with friends or loved ones for an evening in the woods.  I’m still adding small little items here, and there, to make the area look more complete, but as usual it’s open to the public, so feel free to stop on in and grab a cup of coffee.

We have plans to get more events started back up at The Pixel Bean Coffeehouse in the near future, so be looking out for those as well!

Apr 26, 2013

The Massage Parlor

So before I do the credits there is something I’d like to point out about this image!  See the beautiful wine rack from Cheeky Pea? The rack is supposed to have this beautiful detailing on the drawers, and cute little handles, and my computer decided to be a jerk and not rez it in.  I encourage you to all check it out in person, because it’s LOVELY, and I didn’t want you to think that the wine rack didn’t have those pretty details!

Anyhow, I will leave the rest of my talking to the credits!

Happy Friday everyone!


(from left to right)

Wall/Floor textures: Insight Designs | Amisha March

Papers: Floorplan | Tegan Serin – Wall Paper

Easel: Cheeky Pea | Isla Gealach – Simple Easel Dark

Painting:  Apple Fall | warehousefifteendesigns – Greyhound Painting

Plant: Dutchie | Froukje Hoorenbeek - Schefflera medium

Towel: Dutchie | Froukje Hoorenbeek – Towel on the Ground

Table: Dutchie | Froukje Hoorenbeek – Massage Table

Tray: Dutchie | Froukje Hoorenbeek – Spa Necessities

Chandelier: Trompe Loeil | Cory Edo – Jar Chandelier

Towels: Dutchie | Froukje Hoorenbeek - Stack of Towels

Plant: Dutchie | Froukje Hoorenbeek - Schefflera tall

Cabinet: Cheeky Pea | Isla Gealach – Burnby Wine Cabinet – Dark


Apr 24, 2013

No Bull

My Taurus inspired outfit is for this month’s Zodiac!  Lots of great items can be picked up at this month’s round, featuring a wide range of great designers.  My skirt is part of an awesome set from Elymode.  The skirt comes with a top that works with the Lolas Tangos, but since I don’t wear the Lolas very often I decided to pair the pretty skirt with a top from Baiastice instead.   If you do wear the Lolas Tangos often then this entire outfit is something you would love.

I’ll leave the rest of my talking to the credits today. Happy Shopping everyone. <3


Skin: Izzie’s | Izzie Button – Harlow – Fair

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede – Ultimate Mesh Eyes – Faded Gray

Hair: TRUTH | Truth HawksMoxie – Marmalade

Hands: SLink | Siddean Munro – Mesh Hands

Necklace: Mandala |Kikunosuke Eel – Pearl Rain – Complete

Top: Baiastice | Sissy Pessoa – Kasia Top – Studded Black

Tattoo: AITUI | Jesseaitui Petion – Kanji Love

Skirt: Elymode | Elysium Eilde – Ferdinand Skirt (available at Zodiac)

Fishnets: Blow Pop | Annyka Bekkers – Fishnet Stockings

Boots: SLink | Siddean Munro – Tall Leather Thigh High Boots

Pose: Ma Vie | Mavi Beck (available at The Attic)


Apr 23, 2013

Home on the Range

Just a quick post today. Had fun throwing together this western inspired outfit.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!


Skin: Izzie’s | Izzie Button – Harlow – Fair

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede – Ultimate Mesh Eyes – Faded Gray

Hair: Elikatira | Elikapeka Tiramisu - Claim – Red 05

Jewelry: League | Nena Janus – Wanderer Set

Hands: SLink | Siddean Munro – Mesh Hands

Dress: DCNY | Anessa Stine – Belted Chevron Dress – Dark Wash (available at The Attic)

Boots: Mon Tissu | Elie & Anouk Spot – Heathrow Boots – Chocolate

Pose: !Bang | Trieste Minuet

Location: Hazardous 


Apr 22, 2013

Procrastination Meme

I decided I’d new another one of Miss Strawberry Singh’s meme’s.  Today it’s one she did last month. The procrastination meme! I’m doubtful many people actually READ what I put on my blog, but it is a change of pace for me doing something like this instead of my typical….today i’m wearing this, this, and this.

1. What is the rez date for your current SL Avatar that you use most often?

January 31st, 2008.  Ironically my first avatar was born January 31st, 2006.  I made Harlow two years to the date after I killed off my first one due to boredom.  Luckily, I’ve stuck around on Harlow.  Can’t imagine having any other main avatar.

2. Where was the first place you made friends as a newb and got to know people in Second Life?

It was a place called October Country.  It was this beautiful haunted, October themed sim.  It has a bonfire, and trails, a village, and a dock area.  It was gorgeous for 2008, and I made so many great friends there.

3. Where do you spend most of your SL time now?

Standing in the sky on my sim, or at The Pixel Bean Coffeehouse.  I’m pretty antisocial these days.  I really should fix that!

4. Who is your closest friend in Second Life? (only pick one)

Aside from meeting Ark, and us moving in together in RL (because he kinda steals 1st place in everything in my life!)…when it comes to close friendships… Remy Stringfellow.  He’s been my best friend going on three years now. One of the kindest, most loyal, funniest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.  I couldn’t ask for a better best friend.

5. What is the most favorite thing in your inventory? (only pick one)

This is an easy one for me.  The build for The Pixel Bean Coffeehouse.  Tya Fallingbridge custom created it for me, and it’s truly the most beautiful item in my inventory.  I’m so grateful for the time and effort she put into it, and so many people have had the opportunity to enjoy it for a long while now. I think it’ll always be my favorite inventory item.

6. The last thing you purchased in Second Life?

Cat food. Because SOMEBODY decided I needed some cats. *glares at Valena and Isla*

7. What color clothing does your avatar wear most often?

Neutrals. Almost always neutrals. When I’m not blogging, i’m wearing black, white, or tans typically.

8. Do you prefer to walk, run or fly?

Run! But only because my run is ridiculously goofy.

9. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in SL?

I once went streaking naked across orientation island.  Not sure how crazy that is, but it was hilarious at the time.

10. Who would you like to play YOU, in the movie of your SLife?

Scarlett Johansson. She’s stunning.


Skin: Izzie’s | Izzie Button – Harlow – Fair

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Audrey Lamede – Ultimate Mesh Eyes – Faded Gray

Hair: Wasabi Pills | MissAllSunday Lemon – Selene – Gingerbread (available at Fantasy Faire 2013)

Hands: SLink | Siddean Munro – Mesh Hands

Top: ISON | Harry Hyx – Oversized Top – White

Necklace: Yummy | Polyester Partridge – Vintage Camera Charm Necklace

Pants: Mon Tissu | Ellie & Anouk Spot – Bloomsbury Trousers – Emerald O’s

Shoes: Gos Boutique | Gospel Voom – Lolita Espadrilles – White

Pose/Dock:  [We're Closed] | Mandingo Quan – Pond Dock

Location: Hazardous