Review Policy


Due to RL obligations, I’m currently not applying for any NEW stores/events due to limited time constraints. You are welcome to include me as a reviewer of your items and/or event, and I would be happy to try and include your lovely items in my posts, but I may not be able to follow the store or event blogger requirements/time constraints. Any store or event that I’ve previously been blogging for, I will still be doing my best to keep up with my blogging responsibilities! Thank you for understanding, and thank you always for selecting me to support/promote your items here in Second Life! 


I am very appreciative of designers who trust me to promote their items.  Please see my review policy & information below to ensure my blogging style fits your needs:

1. I will not approach a designer for review copies. If you are contacted by someone who says they are representing me, please let me know.  This is a scam and has unfortunately happened in the past.  If a designer posts that they are looking for bloggers and offers application sign ups, I will occasionally sign up if it’s a designer I admire and enjoy. I oftentimes don’t see or realize signups happen, so designers are very welcome to approach me directly!

2. My time is unfortunately very limited. I work over 40 hours a week in my real life which limits my SL & blogging time greatly.  I try very hard to blog as many items as I can, but due to this limitation many items will not make my blog.

3. I blog items that suit my own personal style and tastes.  Some items may not make my blog because of this.  I do promise that I will look over every item that is passed my way, as I know a lot of hard work and dedication goes into all creations here in Second Life.

4. I post process all of my images in Photoshop.  I am a photographer before I am a blogger.  If I feel an image is altered enough to affect a purchase someone might make I try to mention that in the blog entry.

5. I credit all my items with the full store name and the creators name.  I do not usually provide slurls as store locations tend to change frequently in Second Life.

If everything above fits your criteria & needs feel free to pass me items in world with a NC if there is any information you would like featured in a blog entry about your item.  Again, thank you so much for trusting me with your items.  I am beyond flattered, and hope to show them off to the best of my ability!

Contact me anytime with any questions or concerns you may have!

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